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Living room and Foyer Redesign

I am a bad blogger. I've had several jobs but have been lazy about posting about them. I'll go in order, so this job is from October. :) I especially loved this job because my "client" is also one of my good friends. That means while I was working, I was able to bring my kiddos along to play with her kids.
She told me she just wanted to update her space. Most of the time I will sit down with people and try to get a sense of their style, but she basically told me to just go with it and do my own thing. She was only really specific about one thing: The trellis curtains from Z Gallerie that I used once before on a sunroom. She wanted them in the green, but that color was discontinued so we settled on the gray which is also really pretty.  
Here is her living room before. This is taken from the entrance to the house. As you can see, the couch is there right when you walk in and there was a large hutch with a tv in the corner. Since they already have a media room, she decided to do away with the tv and make it a more formal living room. I picked one of my happiest paint colors which is silver sage by Benjamin Moore. They painted the whole space including white on the fireplace which makes a huge statement! We got rid of most of the furniture, but kept the leather sofa.



This is another before shot taken from the dining room
After shot
Here are just a few more shots of the space

I tried to incorporate some of her glassware that she already had

This dresser from Ikea is one of my favorites and I have used it several times for clients. It's so inexpensive and works great for entryways with all of the drawer space! It is only $130 which you simply cannot beat! 

I thought the large wall as you walked in would be perfect for a gallery wall. I tried to use happy and bright colors.

I wanted to make the wall personal with pics of her kids and fun trips they had taken. Also, my friend's family is from Sweden and I remembered this awesome book I got last summer at Anthropologie with maps from all over the world. So I cut out this map of Stockholm and framed it.

 All "after" photos were taken by Hannah Smith. She is amazing!


  1. Love it, Katie! It looks so open and bright. I love how int he before photo there's a piece of cardboard box sticking out from behind the hutch in the dining room. That would so be me!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Katie it looks so pretty! You do such a good job. It's perfectly bright & appealing. :)


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