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a little bit of inspiration

It doesn't take much for me to be inspired. It can be something as simple as a greeting card or a gift bag. I once designed an entire room around a mint and gray bowl I saw at West Elm. Haha. It's the little things. :)
A few months back, Maryn and I were browsing H&M when I saw this lotion bottle. Actually, she was the one that first picked it out knowing I would love the color combo. I am a SUCKER for pretty packaging. If it has bright colors such as mint, coral, turquoise, or lime I will fall for it every time. I know it's all a marketing scam, but it's people like me that they target. I was in the middle of staging a room, so I used the budget money to get some navy and turquoise items.

The beauty in staging is you get to keep the stuff when you're finished with it, so I went ahead and put it in my room. I think I like it too much to take out again. :)

The turquoise lamps I found at HomeGoods, and the morrocan pillows were probably my favorite find yet. They were originally a shower curtain! (essentially just a huge piece of 100% cotton fabric) I bought the shower curtain for $16.99 and then my amazing sister in law made me up some beautiful pillow covers for my bed. (love her)

And then I remembered that I had several white frames in my garage, so I hired my neighbor (who is an awesome graphic artist) to make me some custom prints to fit the frame size. Call me cheesy, but the print on Brad's side says, "Where you go, I will go." And on my side it says, "Where you stay, I will stay." It's from the book of Ruth, and I have always loved that verse. I thought it would be cute in the master also as a symbol of our committment to one another. I had her do it in an old fashioned type writer font, and I just love how it turned out. The frames were from Michael's for $14.99 each. And you can order almost anything custom off of Etsy! You could have the lyrics to your favorite song, quote, or whatever. It's just fun to have some personal art.

The navy lamps I also found at HG, as well as the butterfly prints.

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