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Home Staging

I have teamed up with a couple of realtors in the Northern Virginia area to do some home staging. So far, the homes that I have been hired to stage have been vacant.  This is typically not the case when you hire a stager.  When I walk into a vacant home, I am in my element.  Brad and I start hauling our stuff in and I have a ball arranging furniture, hanging curtains, making beds, placing accessories, etc. LOVE. It. Here is a home that I just finished. The realtor took me over to the house a couple of weeks ago to get an idea of what I may need.  She said I didn't have to stage the entire home, but she really wanted the living room, dining room, and master bedroom done.

Here is the living room BEFORE
 Here is the living room AFTER the staging
 Luckily, the realtor had the IKEA sofa and chairs in her warehouse. The blue sofa was not cutting it for me. ;) I took out the orginal living room coffee table and replaced it with one that was in the basement.  I didn't love either coffee table but had to work within my $1000.00 budget.  I know that may seem like a lot of money, but it adds up when you're buying curtains, throw pillows, etc. There wasn't money in the budget for a new coffee table, so I tried to use what we already had.

The dining room BEFORE

The dining room AFTER

The master bedroom BEFORE

The master bedroom AFTER

The guest room BEFORE

The guest room AFTER

More pictures...

Thank you to my awesome babysitter who not only came over and helped me stage the house, but also took the amazing cloud picture shown above. 

I bought these 3 mirrors, and I think they look great in a grouping!

To any realtors, email me if you're interested in hiring me for any of your listings. If it's a vacant home, I have a pretty large staging inventory. If it's just to go to the seller's home for a consultion, I charge $150 for 2 hours. In that time, I will do the following:

- Rearrange furniture as needed
- Rid clutter
- Advise on paint colors if they are choosing to repaint
- Advise on what should be moved from the home
- Identify places in the home that need to be cleaned (e.g. baseboards, doors, walls, etc.)

Then, I will create a punch list and email it to both the realtor and seller.


sunroom redesign

I had the sweetest girl contact me to decorate her sunroom. She was so easy to work with, and let me do pretty much anything I wanted. Those are always the best clients. :) But seriously, she was awesome and such a pleasure to work with.

She owns an awesome condo in Arlington. It is such a cool and modern condo with gray walls (revere pewter benjamin moore...a personal fav) and lots of white and chocolate brown. She already had some of my favorite colors as a base. It just a needed a few pops of color throughout her space. I really just was hired to do the sunroon, but we tweaked one other little spot in her condo.

She emailed me asking me to help her with her sunroom because of it's awkward shape. When I saw her space, it all made sense because it really was a challenging shape to do anything with. So, what is now her sunroom used to be a screened in patio. Most of the buidlings in Arlington are old, so when they renovated, they decided to do away with the screened in patio, and make it a sunroom. When I heard that, the shape of the room made sense to me! 

Here is the "before picture." Again, with the shape of the space, I couldn't get a picture of the whole room. This is the left side of the room.........


AFTER... is what I did: She had a large pottery barn armoire in the corner of her living room. I loved it, but it was too tall for that long wall. (also, she is organizing and purging of tons of stuff which is why there are boxes, etc) So, we moved it to the sunroom. And when I say, "we" I mean, at the consultaion, I told her to have someone move it because there is no way she and I could have moved it. That thing was HEAVY. Here it is......

So, if you go back up to the first Before picture, you can see that as you enter the sunroom, there is this kind of dead space to your left. There is a wall, and that corner is so small and narrow, that you really can't do anything with it. That's why I had her move the armoire because it's kind of hidden back there and you can't see it when you walk past the room, but only see it when you enter the sunroom. (hope that makes sense) There were 6 huge windows, so the armoire is actually blocking 2 of the windows, but I wanted it to appear that that was just a wall, not covering 2 windows. But there is so much light in there that you don't need those 2 extra windows.

On that long wall where the armoire was, I had my client get a dresser from Ikea (the Malm) dresser and place it there. It fits better against that long wall. Then I bought a fun starburst mirror, 2 green glass lamps with a linen shade, (I'm obsessed with these. I bought them for myself and another client's dining room. I love them!!) some frames, coffee table books, and a piece of modern coral with a chrystal base for the top! So now, her space is a little "coastal meets contemporary."
 Another before.....
She purchased the chairs from Overstock, and the only thing that is left is I need to find a little circular table for in between the chairs. And she is also going to get some white faux wood shades for privacy. I think it will be such a great new space to sit and have a glass of iced tea with a friend. I also may go back over and wallpaper the back of the armoire if I find the right paper. I will post more pics later when I'm finished.

Also, the length of her wall was 162 inches and I knew that I wanted a curtain rod to go the length of the room. I could not find a curtain rod that went longer than 144 inchess. I'm pretty sure that is the longest they make. So what I did was I bought 2 curtain rods, removed the finials from each end of one, and then brad screwed them together. But I liked the look of the curtains high and above the windows as opposed to in the windows. You can't tell, but the windows are inset about 5 inches.

I also cleaned up the inside of the armoire. I kept her sentimental things like chrystal pieces from her grandma, along with a picture of her grandparents. Then I added some white pieces so they would stand out next to the black. Here is the room one more time....

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