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Who doesn't love a good before and after pic?

I was running around town with my daughter Maryn, and I quickly ran in the furniture section of salvation army to see if they had anything fun. I spotted this desk for dirt cheap, and thought it had potential.

Here she is before.......

and now after.....

I bought paint stripper and stripped the entire desk down to the bare wood. It had been painted 3 different times which made it kind of a task to get rid of all of it. I then sanded the desk with my electric sander. I primed the desk using zinsser primer, and then painted it a fun kelly green. I painted it with a foam brush which worked great.

The accessories on the desk are a few I have posted before...

The vase is from anthropology and the tin is from marshalls for a couple bucks. The lamp was $1.50 also from the thrift store.
 I found these branch pencils at marshall's for a pack of 10 for only $5. I thought they were kinda fun? I always love natural elements in the room, even if it is just pencils! I also bought them in colored pencils. so cute.

They fit nicely in the tin......

 I purchased the knobs at Anthropology. A couple times a year they will put all of their knobs and pulls on sale for about $1 to $2 each. I should have taken a close up of the knobs. I love them. They are a glossy white with a splash of gold in the middle. They were $2 each on sale....originally $10 for each knob. The framed art is a black frame from Michael's with my favorite wallpaper inside. I'm thinking this fun little set up will look great in my closet as a make up desk!


  1. So cute, Katie! What kind of paint stripper did you use?

  2. Thanks Kristen! I used Klean-strip (from home depot) premium sprayable stripper. I really liked that it was sprayable. The stripper burns like crazy if it gets on your hands, so you have to be really careful and wear gloves. The spray made it easier to not get on your skin.

  3. This makes me want to pain something!


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