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Maryn turns 5

My sweet Maryn just turned 5! We had some of our neighbors over for the afternoon and we had such a good time! I already have fabric coming out of my ears, so finding some decorations was not hard! I used my pink polka dot fabric to hang on the walls behind the goody table.

 I pretty much already had everything, but I did find the turquoise polka dot bowl and the striped bowl from Ross. The large one was $7, and the smaller one was $5, and they are beautifully hand painted. You just cannot beat those prices!

A good family friend of mine likes to make frames out of barn wood. He made this frame years ago, and had this print in it. Last time I was out at their house, he gave me this frame since he knew I love barn wood. I took the print out, and then painted the glass with chalkboard paint. Its always f un to have a chalkboard for parties. In this case, I had a big 5 on there, but it can also be a menu display.

Fun fabric for the table cloths, and Brad picked up a bunch of tulips for decoration.

My lollipop holder was just a shoe box that I spray painted white and put a big pink ribbon on there. Then to hold the lollipops, I picked up a floral foam brick from Michaels. Then I covered the foam with turquoise shredded paper. (purchased at homegoods for a huge bag at $2.99)
 Chevron bags from Etsy.

 Happy Birthday Maryn!! You are such a joy to our family!

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