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new space for the kids

The kid's room is finished! Maryn hates to be alone at night, and begged us to move in with Emmett. So, we decided to go for it. Brad and I headed out to Belfort (a great furniture store in the DC area) and bought these bunkbeds that I LOVE. It's hard to see in the pic below, but they have stairs going up on the side which I really liked, and underneath the stairs are 4 large drawers, so I have more space for clothes.


The dresser is the Hemnes dresser from Ikea! It is easily updated with switching out the hardware. I purchased the gold pulls here. And the Hemnes dresser right now is on sale for $269. The oversized picture is not actually printed on canvas. I ordered an oversized picture of the kids, and then mod-podged it onto a large canvas that I purchased at Michael's. I also spray painted the sides of the canvas a dark gray so that the bright white wouldn't stand out. The whole project only cost me $45.
The lamps are from Homegoods which were $50 a piece. I thought that was a steal compared to some of the other driftwood lamps I have seen online. I love the online store, Greige and the lamps I bought kind of remind me of these. (for $500 a piece) The gray curtains were purchased at West Elm.


I love this frame. It's by sugarboo designs.  I got it when I was in Nashville visiting my sister.


  1. The space looks amazing! What a tremendous job you did. :)

  2. Oh, Katie, this is AMAZING! I love this!! Someday, I want you to do my entire house :) I hope everything is going well with you!!

  3. I love their new room, I know I'd sleep well in there =)

  4. love this blog! Any tips for getting rid/maintaining clutter free spaces in a home?!


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