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new space for the kids

The kid's room is finished! Maryn hates to be alone at night, and begged us to move in with Emmett. So, we decided to go for it. Brad and I headed out to Belfort (a great furniture store in the DC area) and bought these bunkbeds that I LOVE. It's hard to see in the pic below, but they have stairs going up on the side which I really liked, and underneath the stairs are 4 large drawers, so I have more space for clothes.


The dresser is the Hemnes dresser from Ikea! It is easily updated with switching out the hardware. I purchased the gold pulls here. And the Hemnes dresser right now is on sale for $269. The oversized picture is not actually printed on canvas. I ordered an oversized picture of the kids, and then mod-podged it onto a large canvas that I purchased at Michael's. I also spray painted the sides of the canvas a dark gray so that the bright white wouldn't stand out. The whole project only cost me $45.
The lamps are from Homegoods which were $50 a piece. I thought that was a steal compared to some of the other driftwood lamps I have seen online. I love the online store, Greige and the lamps I bought kind of remind me of these. (for $500 a piece) The gray curtains were purchased at West Elm.


I love this frame. It's by sugarboo designs.  I got it when I was in Nashville visiting my sister.


Maryn turns 5

My sweet Maryn just turned 5! We had some of our neighbors over for the afternoon and we had such a good time! I already have fabric coming out of my ears, so finding some decorations was not hard! I used my pink polka dot fabric to hang on the walls behind the goody table.

 I pretty much already had everything, but I did find the turquoise polka dot bowl and the striped bowl from Ross. The large one was $7, and the smaller one was $5, and they are beautifully hand painted. You just cannot beat those prices!

A good family friend of mine likes to make frames out of barn wood. He made this frame years ago, and had this print in it. Last time I was out at their house, he gave me this frame since he knew I love barn wood. I took the print out, and then painted the glass with chalkboard paint. Its always f un to have a chalkboard for parties. In this case, I had a big 5 on there, but it can also be a menu display.

Fun fabric for the table cloths, and Brad picked up a bunch of tulips for decoration.

My lollipop holder was just a shoe box that I spray painted white and put a big pink ribbon on there. Then to hold the lollipops, I picked up a floral foam brick from Michaels. Then I covered the foam with turquoise shredded paper. (purchased at homegoods for a huge bag at $2.99)
 Chevron bags from Etsy.

 Happy Birthday Maryn!! You are such a joy to our family!


Who doesn't love a good before and after pic?

I was running around town with my daughter Maryn, and I quickly ran in the furniture section of salvation army to see if they had anything fun. I spotted this desk for dirt cheap, and thought it had potential.

Here she is before.......

and now after.....

I bought paint stripper and stripped the entire desk down to the bare wood. It had been painted 3 different times which made it kind of a task to get rid of all of it. I then sanded the desk with my electric sander. I primed the desk using zinsser primer, and then painted it a fun kelly green. I painted it with a foam brush which worked great.

The accessories on the desk are a few I have posted before...

The vase is from anthropology and the tin is from marshalls for a couple bucks. The lamp was $1.50 also from the thrift store.
 I found these branch pencils at marshall's for a pack of 10 for only $5. I thought they were kinda fun? I always love natural elements in the room, even if it is just pencils! I also bought them in colored pencils. so cute.

They fit nicely in the tin......

 I purchased the knobs at Anthropology. A couple times a year they will put all of their knobs and pulls on sale for about $1 to $2 each. I should have taken a close up of the knobs. I love them. They are a glossy white with a splash of gold in the middle. They were $2 each on sale....originally $10 for each knob. The framed art is a black frame from Michael's with my favorite wallpaper inside. I'm thinking this fun little set up will look great in my closet as a make up desk!


right now at home decorators

Right now at Home Decorators, they have some fantastic pieces. Here are a few, and several of these items are on sale.


A new door....Happy Mother's day to me

Last Mother's Day, my present from Brad and the kids was a door. Yes, a door. AND..... a detailed electric sander!! How many of you had that on your wish list? I was beyond thrilled as that was exactly what I asked for. We've had the door forever, but we just got around to hanging it. And when I say "we" I mean Brad.

I love the look of the paneled doors, so I had brad get me this one at Home Depot. I knew I wanted to do something fun with it, but I wasn't sure yet. I had thought about painting the whole door a bright color, but leaving the inside panels white. But then one day my sister in law was talking about having mirror cut for one of her pieces of furniture, and I thought cut mirrors would be perfect for panels.

I then was browsing a local thrift shop and found a huge bathroom mirror that someone had donated.  I bought it for super cheap, and then took it to Sterling glass and they cut it. I highly recommend finding a cheap mirror from somewhere first if you can because they charge way more when they use their own mirror. Since I had the mirror already, they only charged me $25 to cut all 5 panels.

Brad put the mirrors in using Liquid Nails for mirror. I love it, and I love that it gives the reflection of the other room when I am in the living room. 

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