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Some cheaper options

I am working on a living room project for a friend. She is purchasing some bigger items right now, so she doesn't have a lot left over in the budget for accessories. I think this is really fun though because I find it an exciting challenge for design on a dime. :)

I have 4 different options for an oversized table in her living room, each for under $50. I like to put everything out in my own house first to get an idea of what looks good. I snapped a few shots of some different looks.

The first: Colorful and Fun

 Frame: $15 at Michael's. While I am still looking for the right art, this bright green greek key wrapping paper will do the trick....for now anyway.
Jonathan Adler wrapping paper: $2.99
#5 Tin: $2.99 at Marshall's:
Mason Jar: 59 cents at Thrift store
butterfly plate: $2 on clearance at Marshall's
Plate stand: $1 at craft store
Lamp and shade: $10.00 on clearance at TJ maxx ( I was thrilled about this purchase )

The 2nd: Neutral and Soft
 The frame was $12 at Michael's. I used my own art. I loved this picture that I took when I was Italy last year. All of us girls were walking down the Ponte Veccio, and it started pouring down rain. I instanly pulled out my camera because I thought this was a fantastic picture! I played around with my editing tools and enlarged it for only $3 at Costco. I loved how it turned out.

Frame: $12
lamp: $25 at Marshall's
books: $3 to $5 each TJ Maxx and Homegoods
artichoke: $5.50 at Marshall's
Mason Jar: 50 cents
Shells: You can get at any craft store, but I bring home bags each year when I come home from the beach since I always use them.
White 5 X 7 frame $3

The 3rd: Glam
 A bunch of my girlfriends and I were headed to my friend's lake house for the weekend, and we saw a huge yard sale on the side of the road. We made a quick stop, and I grabbed this mirror for $3. It was brass, so I gave it a black high gloss paint job. Now, it has more of a hollywood regency look.
Mirror: $3
Spray Paint: $3.87
Peacock plate: $3.98 on sale at Anthro
plate stand: $1
lamp: $10
Frame: $4.99
Mirrored Jewelry box: $19.99 at homegoods
Picture of my grandmother on the beach: priceless :)

 The 4th: Vintage gold

Window Pane: $7 at a flea market
tray: $16.99 at homegoods
Lamp: $1.50 for the base at a thrift store. ( I painted the bases white. I LOVE these lamps, especially with the gold base)
Shade: $6.99 Homegoods
apothecarey jar: $4.99 homegoods
Taupe Ikat bowls: $3.95 each on sale at Anthropology
Books: $1 each at thrift store
gold and white plate: 50 cents at thrift store

Which look is your favorite??


  1. So many cool ideas - I like the Neutral & Soft most. No surprise since we love Florence, right?

  2. I am super into green and white right now, so I like the first one best.


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