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inexpensive modern art

Let's face it. Art can be so expensive. Everytime I see beautiful art, it costs a fortune. Here are some inexpensive ways to dress up your home:

First of all, Ikea or Michael's frames are CHEAP and HUGE and they have a MAT which makes your print look more expensive. If you choose Ikea, the ribba collection is your best bet. I have bought several of their frames. Also, another option is the Aris collection (you can choose white or black frame) at Michael's craft store. If you have your 40% off coupon, you can get a 24 x 36 frame with a mat that fits a 18 x 24 print for about 12 bucks! And right now (last day unfortunately) is having a 30% off sale on all of their prints. The code is UPA30. So, for an18 x 24 print from, you can get your favorite print for just $20. I would say spending only $30 for some fun artwork is not bad!

Here are some fun modern prints that caught my eye. But, it's all about making your space personal! So, pick a place that is special to you......where you and your husband went on your honeymoon, where you and your girlfriends had the best vacation, or whatever it may be. Just type in whatever you want at, and I assure they will have something to choose from. 
 Paris is a feeling
 A Winter's tale
 Blur of illuminated lights
Navy pier ferris wheel
City of lights

 city lights and car
 paris rooftop
looking for love

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