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Bedroom before and after

I was hired to decorate a bedroom, and of course I had a blast doing it. They already had fantastic furniture, so the room just needed some accessories. Decorating is just so fun. I loved these curtains here, but they were $150 per panel which puts you at $600 for all 4 panels. They gave me a great budget to work with, but by buying the same exact fabric and doing the curtains myself, I was able to spend that extra money we saved on things like lamps, vases, etc. By doing the curtains myself, we saved $373, and there was tons of leftover fabric so my awesome sister-in-law sewed up some throw pillows.

Bedroom Before  

 Bedroom After

 Dresser before......

Dresser After
(the pics are blurred out for privacy)
 One more look at the room.
Today I understood why realtors hire professional photographers to take pictures of a house after it has been staged. I was frustrated with the photos because they didn't show the true colors of the room, but oh well. :)


  1. It looks really great! I love everything that you did. The space is interesting and pulled together without being too much.

  2. Looks great! Love the curtain fabric!!!

  3. I was actually planning on buying those curtains for our office, now you have me thinking twice. When you say 'doing them myself' do you mean you had someone sew them or you actually sewed them yourself?


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