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Some cheaper options

I am working on a living room project for a friend. She is purchasing some bigger items right now, so she doesn't have a lot left over in the budget for accessories. I think this is really fun though because I find it an exciting challenge for design on a dime. :)

I have 4 different options for an oversized table in her living room, each for under $50. I like to put everything out in my own house first to get an idea of what looks good. I snapped a few shots of some different looks.

The first: Colorful and Fun

 Frame: $15 at Michael's. While I am still looking for the right art, this bright green greek key wrapping paper will do the trick....for now anyway.
Jonathan Adler wrapping paper: $2.99
#5 Tin: $2.99 at Marshall's:
Mason Jar: 59 cents at Thrift store
butterfly plate: $2 on clearance at Marshall's
Plate stand: $1 at craft store
Lamp and shade: $10.00 on clearance at TJ maxx ( I was thrilled about this purchase )

The 2nd: Neutral and Soft
 The frame was $12 at Michael's. I used my own art. I loved this picture that I took when I was Italy last year. All of us girls were walking down the Ponte Veccio, and it started pouring down rain. I instanly pulled out my camera because I thought this was a fantastic picture! I played around with my editing tools and enlarged it for only $3 at Costco. I loved how it turned out.

Frame: $12
lamp: $25 at Marshall's
books: $3 to $5 each TJ Maxx and Homegoods
artichoke: $5.50 at Marshall's
Mason Jar: 50 cents
Shells: You can get at any craft store, but I bring home bags each year when I come home from the beach since I always use them.
White 5 X 7 frame $3

The 3rd: Glam
 A bunch of my girlfriends and I were headed to my friend's lake house for the weekend, and we saw a huge yard sale on the side of the road. We made a quick stop, and I grabbed this mirror for $3. It was brass, so I gave it a black high gloss paint job. Now, it has more of a hollywood regency look.
Mirror: $3
Spray Paint: $3.87
Peacock plate: $3.98 on sale at Anthro
plate stand: $1
lamp: $10
Frame: $4.99
Mirrored Jewelry box: $19.99 at homegoods
Picture of my grandmother on the beach: priceless :)

 The 4th: Vintage gold

Window Pane: $7 at a flea market
tray: $16.99 at homegoods
Lamp: $1.50 for the base at a thrift store. ( I painted the bases white. I LOVE these lamps, especially with the gold base)
Shade: $6.99 Homegoods
apothecarey jar: $4.99 homegoods
Taupe Ikat bowls: $3.95 each on sale at Anthropology
Books: $1 each at thrift store
gold and white plate: 50 cents at thrift store

Which look is your favorite??


Bedroom before and after

I was hired to decorate a bedroom, and of course I had a blast doing it. They already had fantastic furniture, so the room just needed some accessories. Decorating is just so fun. I loved these curtains here, but they were $150 per panel which puts you at $600 for all 4 panels. They gave me a great budget to work with, but by buying the same exact fabric and doing the curtains myself, I was able to spend that extra money we saved on things like lamps, vases, etc. By doing the curtains myself, we saved $373, and there was tons of leftover fabric so my awesome sister-in-law sewed up some throw pillows.

Bedroom Before  

 Bedroom After

 Dresser before......

Dresser After
(the pics are blurred out for privacy)
 One more look at the room.
Today I understood why realtors hire professional photographers to take pictures of a house after it has been staged. I was frustrated with the photos because they didn't show the true colors of the room, but oh well. :)


inexpensive modern art

Let's face it. Art can be so expensive. Everytime I see beautiful art, it costs a fortune. Here are some inexpensive ways to dress up your home:

First of all, Ikea or Michael's frames are CHEAP and HUGE and they have a MAT which makes your print look more expensive. If you choose Ikea, the ribba collection is your best bet. I have bought several of their frames. Also, another option is the Aris collection (you can choose white or black frame) at Michael's craft store. If you have your 40% off coupon, you can get a 24 x 36 frame with a mat that fits a 18 x 24 print for about 12 bucks! And right now (last day unfortunately) is having a 30% off sale on all of their prints. The code is UPA30. So, for an18 x 24 print from, you can get your favorite print for just $20. I would say spending only $30 for some fun artwork is not bad!

Here are some fun modern prints that caught my eye. But, it's all about making your space personal! So, pick a place that is special to you......where you and your husband went on your honeymoon, where you and your girlfriends had the best vacation, or whatever it may be. Just type in whatever you want at, and I assure they will have something to choose from. 
 Paris is a feeling
 A Winter's tale
 Blur of illuminated lights
Navy pier ferris wheel
City of lights

 city lights and car
 paris rooftop
looking for love
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