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a new space

I rearrange my house all the time. My kids aren't phased in the slightest when I am moving a piece of furniture from room to room. Actually, Maryn also shares my same thrill for moving things around. She is definitely a mini me. Last weekend, I was in one of my moods and I had brad help me swap the living room and dining room. We just never use our living room, and I thought if it were a bit more cozy, we would use it more. So we swapped the furniture. (for now anyways)
Here was the dining room before......
And here is the "dining room" now......
It is really a sweet little place even though it's smaller. I had brad move the light fixture up. I also got a new rug from Pottery Barn which was such a score. I was having dinner with some of my girls at Rio (my happy place) and while we were waiting for our table, we ran into PB next door. This rug (natural diamond jute rug) was rolled up and since it was a floor sample, I got it for $90. The store was just about to close and we were also about to be seated, so my friend Jessi ran to get her car and pulled it around. Then the 3 of us girls took out it together. I have good friends. :)I think the rug really adds to this space.
I enjoy sitting on the couch in the mornings having my quiet time and coffee!


  1. I like how you mixed it up, and I love the new rug. What a great deal!

  2. Score on the rug! Nice. I love the new space and it looks amazing! I actually like it better. Nice work miss! Love your decor too!


  3. Yeah! You're back :) Looks great!!

  4. Katie, did you go back and get that mirror from Home Goods?


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