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Hannah Smith Photography

Hi Friends! So, we have a great babysitter who is studying to be a photographer. Her name is Hannah Smith. She is 15 and already has an amazing eye for photography. Some of my all time favorite photos of our family and my kids are by Hannah. If you're like me, you want to get some good family photos, but don't want to spend $600 for just 5 of your favorite ones. She charges $100 total.....that includes 2 hours at a location in northern virginia of your choice, all of the photos on a disc for you, (she takes about 400, but probably only 30 or so will be worth editing)and ALL of the editing. That is a great deal and she would love some jobs this summer. If you or anyone you know may be interested in hiring her, please email her at
Here are a couple of the photos she has taken of our family in the past year......

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  1. Awesome shots! Katie, how come you look so respectable in ripped jeans?


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