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gallery wall for dining room

I had debated what to do with that back wall of the dining room. Then I decided to take down the other gallery wall because I just wasn't feeling it. And since I change things constantly in my house, I don't think my husband even commented on the fact that I put this gallery wall up and took the other one down. I wanted the pictures to be smaller and I incorporated a few plates in there as well. It was hard to get a good pic because the chandelier is right in the way and there wasn't really another good angle. But here it is anyway!

I had all of the frames already that I have kept over the years. Like I said before, I have practically a garage full of frames, rocks, sticks, vases, etc.

I think it's fun to frame verses or quotes that you like.....

This plate was from West Elm on sale for $4.99 I bought this painting when I was in Venice this past year. It's such a great reminder of my tripcloser up view.....Here is a pic of my mother in law and her sister when they are younger. Can you see a resemblance to maryn? :)

I love this peacock print that I purchased from Etsy. You can get it here. Also, with the plates, I prefer these from the Container Store instead of the typical plate hanger where you can see the 4 hooks.


  1. This looks GREAT! Also, I really like the green lights on your buffet ... they look great in your space :)

  2. The green painted frame and the plate with the green caught my eye they are great!

  3. Holy crapola, girl! I just came over from 6th street and I cannot get over how absolutely *amazing* your home is! Your dining room is obviously no exception! I'm always glad to make new blogging friends and I will definitely be back to get more inspiration! Happy Weekend, girl!

  4. i'm totally into gallery walls too, katie. yours is wonderful -- beautiful and so personal. like nate always says, our home should tell our stories and that gallery wall does just that.

    but i'm completely speechless -- maryn TOTALLY resembles your mother-in-law!! OH MY GOODNESS!

  5. I know this is way old, but Daniel and I are thinking about doing a gallery wall in the bedroom, so I came to look for inspiration. Maybe you can help us!


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