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so it turns out I have a love for elephants?

Do any of you remember a few years ago when Jonathan Adler came out with all of those little ceramic animals? My sister was on her way to the Atlanta market and she called me specifically to see which booths she should make sure and check out. I told her, "Jonathan Adler." HE IS MY FAVORITE. I don't want to say I am obsessed, but well, I kind of am. I was so excited to hear all the fun things she found at the market, and her exact words were, "He had all of these weird little tchotchke animals." It took me a while to get into all of those, (especially the dogs and such) but I have LOVED the elephants from the beginning. He has a some adorable elephant salt and pepper shakers.

Here is an elephant teapot I spotted at Target recently and fell in love with it. And it will be very practical because our family drinks alot of hot tea! Mine was $12.99 in the store, and JA also has a elephant teapot, but it is a bit more pricey. His can be seen here. $110.00 vs. $12.99. Tea on the deck anyone? And I got the cute little cups and saucers for $1.98 each at Luckett's. I do think it's fun when I find entertaining items, but it truly is about the people, the company, and the conversation.

These are candle holders. I didn't get these, but thought they were cute. I just took a pic at homegoods with my phone. They were $12.99 I believe, and here are JA's version.

Now, I did get these bookends. $7 each.

And lastly, I got this butter dish for $5.99. Do you think I got a little carried away on my elephant kick? ha. I just love them!

I will post again in a week or 2 because I am leaving for brazil tomorrow. Happy weekend to all of you!


  1. I will miss your blog! Prayers for you and your family as you travel !

  2. I just did a nursery with elephant accents and I bought the same elephant bookends! Love them (HomeGoods, right?) Great post- thanks for sharing!


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