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CUTEST kid furniture EVER

Not that I don't absolutely adore PB kids, but it's not the same when everyone has the exact same kid furniture. If I could pick out anything my heart's desire for our kids' play room, this furniture would be IT! Too bad I can't justify the cost of this pretty little furniture, but it sure is incredible!!

I mean, this blue suede mini sofa!! COME ON.

And I'll leave the best for last.....this play table. Although, I don't see how anyone could actually buy this for their kid, (even though it is gorgeous). I would be so worried the whole time that they would ruin it or color on it and then it would suck the fun out of having it. :)

All images via Jennifer Delonge


  1. RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! I can't get over these! The pink ikat chair & ottoman are particularly outstanding!! I love it all.

  2. Loving this stuff! Fingers crossed I get a high-end nursery job soon so I can try some of this stuff out! Thanks for the resource!

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