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Faux bamboo butler tray with stand....delicious

I am really loving these Hollywood Regency Faux bamboo trays. They are so great because you can use them for anything. You can have them on the deck as a cocktail tray table or use it as your bedside table. They are simply stunning. Here are a few that I have found online, but then check out the one I finally purchased at Homegoods.

This golden butler table is $325 and you can find it here.

This is Jonathan Adler's gorgeous meurice tray table for $595 (and also comes in gold) which you can see here.

This table below is $399 and you can find it here

I found mine at Homegoods for $50. I'm not necessarily keeping it, but I have a few homes that I am decorating this month and thought I would buy it just in case. :) So, they have them at Homegoods right now. I know HG is hard because they don't all have the exact same thing, but I have found that most of them carry the same items. If you have several HG in your area, you can call first and see if they have it before you drive to a whole bunch of stores.

So, here is the homegoods one. You can use it as a serving drinks or dessert tray......

It even has the beautiful mirror on top that you can easily take out

Or use it as a bedside table! A $50 bedside table is not bad.


  1. I love the idea of a small bar area in our office where we tend to spend a lot of time.Thanks for the inspiration I'm filing this away in my new house ideas.Have a great week!

  2. put me on your list of houses to decorate please!!!

  3. Loving this to HomeGoods! I am decorating a client's house now and am needing a tray table to incorporate in a small den beside the sectional! Great looking and great price! Thanks for sharing...wish me luck on the hunt!

  4. Simply beautiful~ The green, the table, the flowers!

  5. glad those daisies are still hangin in there :)

  6. love this! which home goods did you buy it at?? just discovered your blog and so excited that you're a local:)

  7. Love that bamboo table and what a steal!

  8. I got it at the HomeGoods in Fairfax!

    1. Man, I'm glad to see you back blogging. Every time I see this bamboo table I'm so jealous. I couldn't find it in my HomeGoods last summer.


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