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so it turns out I have a love for elephants?

Do any of you remember a few years ago when Jonathan Adler came out with all of those little ceramic animals? My sister was on her way to the Atlanta market and she called me specifically to see which booths she should make sure and check out. I told her, "Jonathan Adler." HE IS MY FAVORITE. I don't want to say I am obsessed, but well, I kind of am. I was so excited to hear all the fun things she found at the market, and her exact words were, "He had all of these weird little tchotchke animals." It took me a while to get into all of those, (especially the dogs and such) but I have LOVED the elephants from the beginning. He has a some adorable elephant salt and pepper shakers.

Here is an elephant teapot I spotted at Target recently and fell in love with it. And it will be very practical because our family drinks alot of hot tea! Mine was $12.99 in the store, and JA also has a elephant teapot, but it is a bit more pricey. His can be seen here. $110.00 vs. $12.99. Tea on the deck anyone? And I got the cute little cups and saucers for $1.98 each at Luckett's. I do think it's fun when I find entertaining items, but it truly is about the people, the company, and the conversation.

These are candle holders. I didn't get these, but thought they were cute. I just took a pic at homegoods with my phone. They were $12.99 I believe, and here are JA's version.

Now, I did get these bookends. $7 each.

And lastly, I got this butter dish for $5.99. Do you think I got a little carried away on my elephant kick? ha. I just love them!

I will post again in a week or 2 because I am leaving for brazil tomorrow. Happy weekend to all of you!


CUTEST kid furniture EVER

Not that I don't absolutely adore PB kids, but it's not the same when everyone has the exact same kid furniture. If I could pick out anything my heart's desire for our kids' play room, this furniture would be IT! Too bad I can't justify the cost of this pretty little furniture, but it sure is incredible!!

I mean, this blue suede mini sofa!! COME ON.

And I'll leave the best for last.....this play table. Although, I don't see how anyone could actually buy this for their kid, (even though it is gorgeous). I would be so worried the whole time that they would ruin it or color on it and then it would suck the fun out of having it. :)

All images via Jennifer Delonge


Faux bamboo butler tray with stand....delicious

I am really loving these Hollywood Regency Faux bamboo trays. They are so great because you can use them for anything. You can have them on the deck as a cocktail tray table or use it as your bedside table. They are simply stunning. Here are a few that I have found online, but then check out the one I finally purchased at Homegoods.

This golden butler table is $325 and you can find it here.

This is Jonathan Adler's gorgeous meurice tray table for $595 (and also comes in gold) which you can see here.

This table below is $399 and you can find it here

I found mine at Homegoods for $50. I'm not necessarily keeping it, but I have a few homes that I am decorating this month and thought I would buy it just in case. :) So, they have them at Homegoods right now. I know HG is hard because they don't all have the exact same thing, but I have found that most of them carry the same items. If you have several HG in your area, you can call first and see if they have it before you drive to a whole bunch of stores.

So, here is the homegoods one. You can use it as a serving drinks or dessert tray......

It even has the beautiful mirror on top that you can easily take out

Or use it as a bedside table! A $50 bedside table is not bad.


rooms that inspire me

Here are a few of my favorite rooms. This first one is my ALL.TIME.FAVORITE. I have seen this room on blogs and magazines. I love everything about it. The chevron rug, the chinese chippendale chairs, the cheerful blue mixed with the sunny yellow. It's my dream dining room. And this room belongs to Lisa Lang, who happens to be adorable. the bright blue here makes me happy. These chairs are the greatest.......beautiful wall gallery

Happy weekend!


gotta love free accessories.....

I do love driftwood in the home. Actually, I love natural elements overall and I think it's great when people incorporate it into their home. I was in West Elm two weeks ago and I noticed they had driftwood for sale. I think West Elm has pretty great prices, so I was surprised to see what this branch below was going for. Take a guess? (I took this with my iphone and I think it's time to upgrade to the 4G because my camera is no good.) Ok, let's see how close you are....... FIFTY DOLLARS! For a branch. WOW! The one below was also $50. But, I guess if people don't live near water and want a piece of driftwood, they will pay. And boy will they PAY.

My friend Lauren got married this past weekend, so for the bachlorette party, a bunch of us girls went to her now husband's family cottage on the river. Amazing time with amazing girls. While the girls were laying out, I walked the beach and grabbed some pieces of driftwood for my home. There were also some fun antique stores on the way to the cottage, and I snagged this old beverage crate which will now be used as a serving tray. Here is the "tray" and one of my pieces of driftwood. FREE. That's the way I like it. :) My other piece of wood now sitting on my console table.....


gallery wall for dining room

I had debated what to do with that back wall of the dining room. Then I decided to take down the other gallery wall because I just wasn't feeling it. And since I change things constantly in my house, I don't think my husband even commented on the fact that I put this gallery wall up and took the other one down. I wanted the pictures to be smaller and I incorporated a few plates in there as well. It was hard to get a good pic because the chandelier is right in the way and there wasn't really another good angle. But here it is anyway!

I had all of the frames already that I have kept over the years. Like I said before, I have practically a garage full of frames, rocks, sticks, vases, etc.

I think it's fun to frame verses or quotes that you like.....

This plate was from West Elm on sale for $4.99 I bought this painting when I was in Venice this past year. It's such a great reminder of my tripcloser up view.....Here is a pic of my mother in law and her sister when they are younger. Can you see a resemblance to maryn? :)

I love this peacock print that I purchased from Etsy. You can get it here. Also, with the plates, I prefer these from the Container Store instead of the typical plate hanger where you can see the 4 hooks.
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