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see ya stripes

My husband painted stripes in our dining room when we first moved in 5 years ago. I loved them, but there was no color in that room and I had a hard time finding ways to add color. I could do vases and that sort of thing, but it still looked dull. I had been wanting to paint that room for a while now, but I just couldn't find the right color. Then my neighbor painted her living room this beautiful ocean blue and I was in love. I asked her if she minded if I copied it. I got a few different blue samples, but hers was still my favorite one. Bermudian blue by Behr. LOVE. It looks amazing both day and night. Here is my dull dining room before: I moved a few things around like the mirror and the rug, and I purchased a new drum shade. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to do on that back wall. Also, our good friend, Chris with All around Home came and moved our light fixture over for us to the center of the ceiling. The chandelier that came with the house was not centered and it drove me crazy. Then once we got a new drum shade, it HAD to be centered.

Here is the dining room AFTER: I had just set the table for tea I was having.


  1. lovvvve it!!!! I want to paint some room that color!!!

  2. Love the lamps!and the new shade over the table.

  3. Love it! Makes me want to redo my taupe dining room. :D

  4. That color is GORGEOUS! And, I really like the drum shade ... where is that from?

  5. I went to Home Depot to buy Behr's Bermudian Blue to paint my bedroom. They didn't have a color by that name. Is it right? Dying to paint my bedroom. Let me know.


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