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premier prints on sale.....ends today

Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that Premier Prints fabric is on sale at These are some of my favorite fabrics. They have really fun designs and SO reasonably priced. Right now, one of my favorites, (chipper) is on sale for $5.58 a yard! seriously so cheap! Click here to see the chipper fabrics, but all of the premier prints are on sale as well.

If you spend over $35, it's free shipping. I am going to place an order later today, so to my girlfriends who live locally- if you only want a yard or 2 and don't want to pay for shipping, let me know and I will add it to my order because mine is already over $35.

If you are buying fabric for throw pillows, remember 1 yard typically makes two 18 inch pillows. If you want 20 inch pillows, then go with a whole yard. And if you purchase the fabric (or I purchase it), my sister in law will make pillows for people at $14 per 18 inch pillow. steal. If it's a 20 inch pillow, I think it's about $16.

One of my favorites is the black chipper because it looks awesome in anyone's living room. It has the traditional ikat pattern with a modern flair to it. I LOVE it. I love it in yellow too, especially if you do up against gray walls. Yum.

More prints I like with Premier are here, here, (these are great for baby girl's room) and here for baby boy's room. And here if you like orange. There are tons more at the site.

If you want me to order fabric for you, tell me exactly which one and how many yards. Email me at Also, Amy Butler is also on sale. I can order any fabrics from the website. Let me know and put "pillows" on the heading. Happy weekend guys!!

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  1. Oh man! I wish I'd seen this earlier! I saw the sale this morning and ordered a yard of this for our communion kneeler:


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