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A perfect princess party

My daughter just turned 4. She was conflicted when I asked her what kind of a birthday party she wanted. She is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast and wanted a Princess Belle themed party, but also wanted a tea party. So, needless to say, she was thrilled when I told her we could combine the two. :)

Birthday parties can really add up. I like to throw a nice party, but also be reasonable with the spending. The only thing I actually spent real money on was a costume for myself. (only $50 and I thought that was good considering I will wear it again maybe for halloween. I am trying to convince the Mr. to get a prince charming costume. He's not exactly going for it.) I surprised Maryn with my costume the day of the party and she was beside herself with excitement. She loved that mom dressed up like Belle! Here we are on the Red Carpet, purchased from party city online for only $5.99. This was a favorite. I wanted real tea pots and tea cups for the girls. Maryn really loves when she feels like she gets to do things that the grown ups do. I found 15 sets of tea cups with matching saucers at the Goodwill in Arlington for only 90 cents per set! And the beauty of this is that if one of the girls breaks a set, I don't care.....90 cents!! A few were different and I loved that. And here are all of the princesses at the Royal Table!! I actually have this table from Pottery barn kids and so does my neighbor. She let me borrow hers and then I just pushed them together and ordered 3 yards of this fabric from for my table cloth. You can find a cheaper fabric for sure, but I liked this one and knew that I would use it for something else like recovering chairs or something.

They especially loved the fact that they got to pour their own tea! We had 2 teapots. One was filled with apple juice and the other with pink lemonade. I taped on the tops so they wouldn't spill. I think they really liked doing things by themselves.I also surprised maryn with the belle cake! She loved it and it was so easy and cheap. You need 2 box cakes and 3 tubs of icing and food coloring depending on which princess you use. Maryn already had a belle barbie. I saran wrapped her body first before putting her inside the cake. I used two 9 inch pans and then this pampered chef glass bowl (best purchase ever) as the top of her dress. If you ever need a pampered chef consultant, check out my friend, Karen's blog. She is awesome.

We have Aerial, Repunzal, The Queen, Belle, and Cinderella enjoying the party!

Winnie the Pooh teapot for the girls. :)

This party was for moms and daughters. So, while the little ones were enjoying their tea, I also had a spread for the mamas. It was really fun.

I purchased these napkins at Marshalls for $4.99 for a pack of 40. LOVE them.

mini flower boquets for the girl's table

As you can see, the girls had a blast!! A little thrifting goes a long way! :)


  1. So fun, Katie! You are such the hostess :)

    btw, did you know that if you click on your photo under the "about me," it goes to this link: ? Just wanted you to know. Awesome pic, by the way!

  2. Hi Katie!

    Love your ideas! I was hoping to get the directions for the Chevron wall you did in your master bedroom!

    You are welcome to email me @



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