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DIY: Little girl's table

I bought an adorable bright pink chair for my daughter. She loves it! She had it sitting in the corner of her room. It looked so cute, but it wasn't getting much use. I know she loves tea parties, and she said she would like a little table to go with her chair. So, off to my garage with all of my vases, candle holders, bottles, etc. I feel like all the time we spend alot of money on things when we really can do these things ourselves! Here's what I did: I got a big candle holder for the base. You can get big ones at thrift stores and paint them, and of course they always carry them at Homegoods for about $6.00 or so. Mine was already white, so I didn't need to spray paint it or anything.

Then I bought a round piece of wood from a craft store for $4! Then I just painted it white and glued it on to my base. You can use a hot glue gun, but I used E6000 adhesive. Either one works.
Isn't this sweet? We have lots of little chairs and she loves to set the table with all of her stuffed animals. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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