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CB2 Grand Opening in Georgetown

This past Friday night, Brad and I attended the grand opening of the CB2 in Georgetown with our good friends, Tim and Jordan. Do you know how long I have been waiting for DC to get a CB2? I have been getting their catalog for years, but the first time I went into an actual store, it was a few years ago when Brad and I were in San Fransisco. I was SO excited, but obviously couldn't bring anything big home with me. So, needless to say, I was thrilled when we finally got one! CB2 is part of Crate and Barrel, but it's the more modern loft version and much lower prices. It's kind of like what West Elm is to Pottery Barn.

The grand opening was amazing. I had never been to an opening before, so I didn't know what to expect. It was incredible. I thought I was walking into a dance club. We walked up on a red carpet on M street to enter the store and then they checked our name off the list. It was complete with open bar, a DJ, professional photographers, and hor'dourves. Too bad I thought I was so cool and then at one point when I reached in my purse for chapstick, out fell emmett's trains and one toddler princess glove. Haha. We are such posers. I feel like most of the people there were fashion or home designers that lived in the city. And then there were us "trying to be cool" parents who live in suburbia and spend our days whiping dirty hands and playing princess or cars. Oh well, it was a blast anyway! I loved all of the new items that they have come out with!

Me and Jordan.

Here are some of the items I loved! This glass dining table was only $299!

These dishes were stunning and I loved the charcoal color....

Peekaboo nesting tables. These tables are really expensive right now, so here is a much cheaper option

Check out their website! They have some great things for really great prices. The store as a whole is probably a little too modern for my taste, but I definitely love elements from there for my home.


  1. You gotta get in where you fit in right! I love CB2!

  2. I've never been to a CB2 but the items you picked are sweet. I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award- check back tomorrow to see it!

  3. thanks hilary! that is sweet of you. :)


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