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vintage trays

When I was a kid, we would go to my grandparent's house in South Florida every summer for about 2 weeks. It was every kid's dream. They lived on a few acres with a huge pond for fishing, a swimming pool with a diving board and every pool toy imaginable, several horses that we could ride whenever we wanted, unlimited icecream and popsicles in the deep freeze on the patio. It was truly a slice of heaven. Things changed as we got older, but my grandparents always had those "old faithfuls" that were always there. My grandma was one of those stunningly beautiful women that always smelled amazing and her makeup was perfectly applied. She had an old mirrored tray that layed on her dresser with a large collection of perfume with some rings and pearls. She would let all of us girl cousins spray eachother and I always always alway remember that mirrored tray. And you remember me telling you that I am a sentimental fool! It's funny because neither of my sisters remember that tray or half of the other items in their house. She had it since I can remember and still has it. Hmmm.....hopefully she will hand that off to me one day. :)
So yeah, I have thing for mirrored trays, especially the vintage ones. I found this one for $1.99 at the Salvation Army. It was a little rusty and the mirror was dusty. I took it home and removed the glass. I cleaned it up and then spray painted the brass part. I did a hot pink for my daughter because she wanted to keep her bracelets on it since I have one too in my room. Here with the spray paint that I already had in my garage. But maybe a pretty yellow would be nice? It's always a fun display in your bathroom to have a little home for your scents. or your jewelry. Actually, I have my jewelry board, but having a tray in the entry way is sometimes a nice "catch all" before it actually makes it's way back to the board.
So, because of that very fond memory, if I see a vintage tray and it's a good price, I can't pass it up. I have a few now and I don't only use them only for perfume or jewelry display. I have used them as serving pieces as well. They are beautiful if you have a few on the dining room table with mini cupcakes or muffins. The reflection of the mirror adds so much glamour as well. Let me know if you find any trays that you love!


  1. So cute, Katie! I love your ideas :)

  2. I love these! Especially for an un-traditional purpose like drinks or food. Great finds!


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