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A Really Great Find

Spoiler Alert: This is for locals (Northern Virginia) only, which I know is kind of annoying. Sorry. BUT....I wanted to share with you NOVA friends a fabulous store and let me tell you, the name could not be any more appropriate. It's called "Really Great Finds." It is directly across the street from the Old Luckett's store. It has weird hours, so make sure and check their website before you go out there. Ok, so here is my find! I saw this bookshelf made out of logs. I was in love at first glance. The store typically has great prices, but I thought the shelf would still be about $150 or so. There is some guy in the area that makes bookshelves and then delivers it to their store to sell. The price tag said, $22. I thought there had to be a mistake. I asked the woman selling it, and she said that it was correct. $22!! Needless to say, I was excited. I wanted to put it in my son's room, but I was having a hard time finding the space for it. So, we put it in the play room. It has worked out nicely. I love it. And how fun that each shelf is different? To be perfectly honest, I felt kinda bad paying so little. Someone obviously worked hard on this. I think it is very West Elm-ish

Do you like how I neatly staged the pieces on the table? Ha.
Come on and I both know that it really always looks like this......

I go out there quite a bit. A few of my friends have already told me that they want one, so if I see any more, I'll grab them and keep them in my "store." ( my garage )


  1. Don't forget I am one of those people!!! I just need my decorator to
    Come by an tell me where I should put it :) :)

  2. I am totally one of those people!!! Love it!!

  3. Very cool shelf and I love your chevron wall! I clicked on your blog (a really great find!) via LGN today and am so glad I did. It's especially fun to stumble on other local design blogs (I'm in Bethesda). Looking forward to keeping up with all your great projects!

  4. Adorable play room! So happy to stumble upon your blog.


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