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my son's nursery

Welcome to Emmett's nursery. Several people have emailed me asking me where I purchased the large letter "e" and a few other items. So, here is a breakdown of his room. Emmett's little room is one of my favorites. It is so happy. Here is Emmett the day we took him home from the hospital and he seemed quite pleased with his nursery decor. :)And when did this happen?? He just turned 2 and still loves his room more than ever. I'm wanting to show pics too because it won't be too much longer that we paint over the whole thing and start a big boy room when he gets bunk beds with his sis. Either I re-paint or I paint over just the blue lines with a gender nuetral color like lime green. We'll see.

Gray paint: Anonymous by Behr

Blue Paint: We took it into Duron and they custom matched it to his bedding

Crib: babies R us

lamp: West Elm - the link to the lamp is here

side white table: Ikea for $15 and then we spray painted it white

Orange lamp: Home Goods $14.99

Mirrored Pier One end table: the link is here.

Blue Polka dot frame: TJ Maxx $5.99

Large "e": I purchased online from here. I ordered lower case letter, 36 inches for height and 1/8 for thickeness. It was $35. Curtains: Target

Dresser: Babies R Us

Mirror: Ikea.....the link is here

Custom Framed prints for emmett's initials: Etsy

Rocker: Lullaby Rocker from Pottery Barn Kids

Blanket over rocker: TJ Maxx $9.99

Dog Print: Home Goods $24.99

Bright orange round frame: Home Goods $4.99Motorcycle Pillow: CB2 $29.95I completely lucked out on his bedding. My husband and I were walking by one of our favorite baby stores and we noticed that it was going out of business. I was SO BUMMED. Seriously bummed. I had gone in there so much that I became buds with the owners. They had 2 things left in the outfit and this bedding. The price tag said $500, buuuuutttt since they were going out of business and everything must go, we scored it for $120! Since the bedding was such a good price, we decided to design the nursery around the bedding. The brand is Duc Duc and they have adorable mod baby stuff!

I think the most beautiful part of E's nursery is that friends were so generous in giving me gift cards that his nursery for us was close to free. And that's always a beautiful thing, right? Thanks for stopping in Emmett's nursery. It will be changing soon though. :(


  1. I love this room! The blue and gray with a pop of orange look so perfect together. Great job!

    -Forever Lovely

  2. Why will it be changing?

  3. This is beautiful! I love the stripes with the big orange E! :)

  4. Such a cute room! What font did you get the e in?


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