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My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best friend, Lauren is getting married and I since I am the matron of honor, I had the privilege of throwing her a shower. It was a wonderful time, and really, showers are just the greatest because how many times do you have your childhood, high school, and college friends all together for a big party? So great. Lauren and I have been friends since we were 9 years old! In Junior high, we used to buy BRIDE magazines and stick tissues (clean ones! ) in the pages that we liked. Strange I know. But, now it's the real thing!! Here is the beautiful bride to be!!I'm sorry but, I must insert a photo here. 7th grade I believe. Gotta love it. I did the best I could to go along with Lauren's wedding theme. They are getting married at a historic house and the wedding is going to be rustic meets vintage with the colors of gray, orange, and a pop of turquoise. Stunning. I ordered this burlap fabric for the runner over a white tablecloth. I do love burlap! For a runner, make sure you measure how long your table is and that you have enough. I ordered 3 yards.

It's also fun to repurpose things that you already have. I had a rustic candle tray from Pottery Barn and I thought it would be perfect to hold the napkins with silverware in it. the table setting

I put together a wall of pictures for the happy couple

I found this serving tray at Homegoods and the orange color matched just right!
"B" napkins in honor of Lauren's new last name. :)
opening gifts

Remember these glass jars that I found at Luckett's? I tied some turquoise ribbon on there. The middle jar I just filled with some decorative rocks since you obviously can't get it out without spilling. ;)
My hubby made little tags for the drinks
With the leftover burlap fabric, I covered some glass jars and then just added some thick ribbon.
And the orange napkins from Target were perfect!Showers are never really going to be cheap, but you can cut cost by just planning ahead. I'ts no secret that I love mason jars and I have tons of them. But I wanted to have the mason jars with the handle for drinks. It would definitely go along with the rustic theme! And actually, the old school mason jars are really in right now. You can find them here at PB for $24 for a pack of 6. Ridiculous! I had 20 guests and I got 20 mason jars at Goodwill for .50 cents each! I knew 4 months in advance what I was looking for, so every time I would see a couple mason jars with a handle, I'd grab them. So, IF I bought the glasses at Pottery Barn, I would have spent $96. But, I bought them at all at Goodwill for $10.

Drink Table
Ok, onto the favors. I also picked up glass tea cups from various thrift stores for about .40 or .50 cents each. Then I bought the wicks, a couple of different scents, and a big bag of wax. I had a little too much fun making these while the kiddos were napping. You simply melt the wax in a glass bowl, drop some scent in, and then pour it into your cup or whatever you want really. The finished product.......
Everyone got glass ones, but I did two with the cup and saucer for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.
I then just bought a bag of 50 cellophane bags at Michael's for about $1.99 and then tied some polk a dot orange ribbon on there and they were ready to go! The two middle ones I wrapped with tulle, so you can use that as well. Instead of doing one cake, I did cupcakes. Lauren's all time favorite is carrot cake, so my mom made the carrot cake ones (hers are so ridiculously yummy) and I did yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing. And since turquoise is one of Lauren's wedding colors, I thought it would be just perfect to do Tiffany boxes! Too bad they weren't the real thing. :) The idea came to me while I was laying in bed and the next thing I know, I am scouring the internet for blue cupcake boxes. The ones I purchased, I found here. They had a window in the top, so I was able to put the label on the inside. The ones with ribbon were carrot cake, and ones without were yellow cake.

Instead of Tiffany & Co, I used their last name. Oh, and by the way, Tiffany has their own font, so you have to find knock off's to use.....

It didn't stop there. I bought plastic diamond rings at Michael's because there really needed to have a ring in there, no? Here I am.......hahaha
Me, Lauren, and my daughter, Maryn who will be the sweetest little flower girl! She is a bit excited as she practices her flower girl walk daily. I hope this gives you some fun ideas for bridal showers. Don't be afraid to shop your local thrift store. You really can find some fun things. Once you throw all of the glassware in the dishwasher, it is good as new!


  1. i just started stalking this blog! you are so talented!! hope you don't mind i follow ;)

  2. the greatest shower there ever was! thanks again, friend. i'll never forget it :)

  3. what an amazing time it must have been. It is absolutely is Lauren..Congratulations Lauren!

  4. Wow, Katie! Every detail is beautiful and creative! You should comsult for parties on the side I'd hire you :)

  5. stunning * absolutely stunning!! luv the oldie but goodie pic of u & ur BF ~ ~

  6. Seriously Katie, we would be DANGEROUS together at party planning! The teacup candles just blew me away! Amazing.


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