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clover table

When I sit down to read my latest design magazines or if I am reading home design blogs, I always take note of various pieces of furniture that I like. Most of the time I can't afford them, but hey, if I like it, I WILL find it for cheaper! Ok, so it's kind of a challenge. ;) I have seen this table in tons of blogs and magazines. It's from an online store called Ooomph. I love it. The shape brings so much character. The table is $395, and like my husband would say, "No table should cost that much unless it's cooking me dinner." I mean, $395 for this itsy bitsy table? This pink one below is the one from Oomph. It comes in 16 different colors.
Ok, and this picture I found from one of my favorite blog sites, I suwanee. The author, Shannon was in New York City and loved this chair in a home boutique that she was in. Of course, I noticed the little clover table behind the chair. I don't know what the price tag was on that table, but if it was in NYC at a home store, my guess is it was in the hundreds.
Check out the baby I found at Homegoods. (Fairfax if you are interested) I pulled out my trusty measuring tape to make sure the measurements were the same and yes, they were. Also, you can't tell from my bad phone pic, but there is an indentaion at the top of the table, so if you really wanted to, you could wallpaper the top. Oh, and I didn't mention the price. $50. score.


  1. hahaha. oh karen, you know me all too well!!

  2. LOVE IT! Great job, oh cheap-chic-knockoff-sleuth that you are.

    Do you know that we still have not hung our mirror????? ARGHHH. My hubby = procrastinator.

    xo Katy

  3. Love those clover tables, what a great find! I wanted to let you know I featured two of your chair makeovers today in my I'm Lovin' It series- check it out:

  4. I just saw another one of these today in the Ashburn Home Goods store if you need it. I think it was $39.99.


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