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My fabric at Target

Remeber my fabric that I loved? It is pretty expensive at Calico Corners. Well, I think it is anyway. I'm used to paying $8 a yard at At Target, they have a beautiful chair covered in the dahlia fabric. It's $299 which I think is reasonable considering that the fabric is on the more expensive side. Love it. It's a perfect accent chair to any room.
Here it is in the gray and yellow which is another fabulous color combo.

You can find it here.


  1. UM WHAT!! SO clearly I need this now. Right right???

  2. These chairs are cute! You have a beautiful blog! I love your bedroom makeover!

  3. I have the same chair from Target (in an older print). I have to say that it's awesome - esp if you wait until they do their periodic free shipping on furniture of $199 or over or some such nonsense. I've used it in my living room for a couple years, and it's great!


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