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jewelry holder

I have had all of my jewelry scattered in different places. Some was in my closet, some were in the bathroom. It was driving me nuts and half the time I was trying to detangle them. I saw some big cork boards at homegoods that I liked, but they weren't really big enough and for $40, I thought they were kind of plain looking. I spotted this vintage frame at a flea market a few weeks ago. Loved it. I spray painted it using this Rustoleum almond color.
I then took an old cork board I already had and cut it down to size. You can just buy a roll of cork, but I have found that sometimes it is not sturdy enough. You may need to attach it to some plywood. They always have huge cork boards for about a $1 or 2 at thrift stores and they are really easy to cut. I used some left over fabric that I had used for another project. You can order this fabric here. I took the fabric and wrapped it around the sides with fabric glue, but you can use a staple gun as well. Then, I hot glued it all in place. It's been a very happy new home for my jewelry. :) a closer look.......

total cost: $15


  1. Very cute! I love that bird fabric. I need to create one myself!

  2. I think every women have this problem of storing jewelry. My jewelry is also scattered in room. I really like your idea of jewelry holder.It's design and fabric both are very cute. I like the bird fabric on the holder. I also try to make it.

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