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chic baby gift

A few months back I was browsing one of my favorite stores, Z Gallerie. This throw caught my eye since I do have a serious love for birds. It was $70. ugh. I had already pictured it draped over my sofa in the family room. Oh well. But, I just saw the other day that it is on sale for $50. Hmmm.....still seems a bit high for a throw blanket if you ask me. Here it is.......

Then I saw these below at Tuesday Morning! They are stunning and only $30. I think it would make a GREAT baby gift! You could use it as a stroller blanket or simply have it draped over the crib or baby rocker. They looked and felt exactly the same as the Z Gallerie ones. And way cheaper which is always a good thing. :) I love the black one, but really, all of them are so pretty. You can order it too here.

I promise chevron instructions are coming soon! I'm gonna have my hubs do it because he can explain way better than I can.

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