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jewelry holder

I have had all of my jewelry scattered in different places. Some was in my closet, some were in the bathroom. It was driving me nuts and half the time I was trying to detangle them. I saw some big cork boards at homegoods that I liked, but they weren't really big enough and for $40, I thought they were kind of plain looking. I spotted this vintage frame at a flea market a few weeks ago. Loved it. I spray painted it using this Rustoleum almond color.
I then took an old cork board I already had and cut it down to size. You can just buy a roll of cork, but I have found that sometimes it is not sturdy enough. You may need to attach it to some plywood. They always have huge cork boards for about a $1 or 2 at thrift stores and they are really easy to cut. I used some left over fabric that I had used for another project. You can order this fabric here. I took the fabric and wrapped it around the sides with fabric glue, but you can use a staple gun as well. Then, I hot glued it all in place. It's been a very happy new home for my jewelry. :) a closer look.......

total cost: $15


gallery wall complete and with a story

I could have done my gallery wall with just pics of my kids, but I already have pictures of my them in pretty much every room. :) Nate Berkus always says to have your house tell your story. I actually have always thought that as well. I mean, not in those exact words, but I have always thought your home should be a reflection of who you are and your personality. So, here we go..... Each frame is from a flea market or thrift store, excluding the bottom right one. I already had that one. This first pic I found was in my parents basement. When my grandfather was superintendant at the Naval Academy, this was the Navy football team and they presented him this photo. Actually, former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Roger Staubach is number 12 in this photo. It was just sitting in the basement along with a million other pictures of my grandparents. I asked my dad if I could have it because it seems silly that these amazing pictures are just sitting in a stack where no one can enjoy them. I bought the frame at a antique store for hardly anything and I spray painted it white. Then of course there is my "G" to represent our last name. :)
Here is our little family. It's my favorite family picture so far and it just had to be hung.
My husband and I have a heart for the children along the amazon in Brazil. He and I both have gone on seperate trips and I am going again in June. I cannot wait. When my husband, Brad was there this past January, he absolutely adored these 2 little ones. As soon as he got home, he told me all about them and how he wanted to pack them in his suitcase and take them home with him. I printed out this picture to remind brad of these two and the amazing trip that he had. The frame was $6 at my local thrift store and I painted it a dark gray. I mean, really, can these little guys be any cuter?
An old picture of my grandmother. Beautiful. I love looking at it.
Here is the final wall. The bottom left is one of my parent's wedding pictures. Although, I think I may have to switch that frame out for something a little bigger. I'm not feeling it. Where that pic is, I think it needs to be something round or a bigger rectangle frame. We'll see. So, all I need is a few pics of my husband's side of the family and we'll be good. (mother in law......hint hint. I need pics!)


gallery wall in the process

For some reason, when it comes to gallery walls, I always go matchy match. I can't break away from it. But, I have decided to branch out and do an eclectic gallery wall in my living room. Here is my first piece. Let me show you.....

I bought this at the salvation army for $2. I liked that it was large and oval. I knew that I could always find rectange frames and this round shape would mix things up a bit. Look how awful the print is. What was funny is the adorable old man that rang me up said, "Oh wow. What a beautiful picture! Where are you going to hang it?" I told him I was going to hang it in my living room. What I didn't tell him was that I was going to completely dismantle the whole thing and paint it. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder?? :) I then purchased this letter G from Joann's fabrics. It was also $2. They have weekly coupons you can print out just like Michael's does. I knew I wanted the letter G up there somewhere in the mix of prints. I just didn't know where. I hung all of my frames up and the "G" on it's own just didn't fit with all of my other frames. I tried to balance it out by hanging a plate on the other side and then it was too much to look at. Soooooooo, I had an idea that I could actually put the letter G inside the oval frame. I actually already had a picture to put in there, but I decided to put the G in there instead.

I needed some fabric modge podge. (which I already had)
I then went back to Joann's fabric and picked up some burlap fabric. It was $3.99 a yard, but I only need a 1/2 a yard, so yes, that put me at $2 again. I turned the backing over and I brushed fabric modge podge everywhere. Then I put the burlap on and smoothed it down. Then as you can see the excess......I cut around it.
I spray painted both the frame and the G in Rustoleum's matte black. (again, already had that. I think I have about every color imaginable of spray paint in my garage.)
I glued the G on the front. I tried a really heavy duty glue that I typically use on everything, but nothing was working. You need fabric glue. I had that too, and it worked like a charm.
The end result:
I liked the burlap because my living room has lots of natural objects with browns and blues. I originally was going to do the background in a really fun fabric and do the frame and the letter in white, but the burlap fits the room. These are fun because the possiblities are endless. You could put this in a child's room with their initials, or with your last name in an entry way? At Joann's, they also have really small letters too so you could spell out a name.

total cost: $6


My fabric at Target

Remeber my fabric that I loved? It is pretty expensive at Calico Corners. Well, I think it is anyway. I'm used to paying $8 a yard at At Target, they have a beautiful chair covered in the dahlia fabric. It's $299 which I think is reasonable considering that the fabric is on the more expensive side. Love it. It's a perfect accent chair to any room.
Here it is in the gray and yellow which is another fabulous color combo.

You can find it here.


chic baby gift

A few months back I was browsing one of my favorite stores, Z Gallerie. This throw caught my eye since I do have a serious love for birds. It was $70. ugh. I had already pictured it draped over my sofa in the family room. Oh well. But, I just saw the other day that it is on sale for $50. Hmmm.....still seems a bit high for a throw blanket if you ask me. Here it is.......

Then I saw these below at Tuesday Morning! They are stunning and only $30. I think it would make a GREAT baby gift! You could use it as a stroller blanket or simply have it draped over the crib or baby rocker. They looked and felt exactly the same as the Z Gallerie ones. And way cheaper which is always a good thing. :) I love the black one, but really, all of them are so pretty. You can order it too here.

I promise chevron instructions are coming soon! I'm gonna have my hubs do it because he can explain way better than I can.


Instant makeover

When we moved into our house 5 years ago, I was in love with the color brown and we painted our bedroom Palm Dessert Tan by Benjamin Moore. I like it fine, but after years of brown, our room started to feel dull. I would have repainted the whole thing, except it took brad forever to paint the room initially. And neither of us felt like doing it all over again. (Yes, I actually help paint too)

I am totally into the chevron rage. I think it is so fun. So, I proposed the idea to Brad on doing a chevron wall! I thought it would give our room a little lift. I feel like it is still elegant, but now has a little kick to it. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. If it weren't for the kids trying to "help," Brad could have knocked out the whole thing in probably 6 hours. We took a break and finished it the next day. Brad did all of the taping off, and then we did the painting together. There was alot of math and taping involved, and my next post, I will have Brad post the instructions exactly how to do it. I orignally was going to do the chevron stripes 2 colors lighter than the brown with a different finish, but my sister in law encouraged me to go with a cool color since the brown is warm. I'm so glad I took her advice. The beauty of it is we didn't have to spend any money. I already had left over paint from our cream hallway color. I used that, AND it matches my curtains.
I had the blue shams and comforters sitting in storage in the garage. I bought these when Brad and I were first married, and I thought the blue added a little color to the room. I took the pillows from the living room because I already have tons of throw pillows in there.
We rearranged our daughter's room and moved her rocker to our son's room. Then we took his since it was a neutral color and moved it to our room. Sure, a rocker isn't my first choice for that space, but it will do for now. It looks a little more grown up with the pillows on it. My dream chairs for that space are these. And the color of the chairs is seaglass, which are my favorite! It's a sign. :)

Hydrangeas look so elegant in a room. This was the only thing I spent money on. At Michael's right now, all flowers are half off. I already had the vase, stones, and I grabbed the lantern out of the garage.

Instructions on the chevron wall to come......
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