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I love when I find just what I "need"

Ok, so I don't really NEED a magazine rack. I wanted one, but it does serve a purpose, right? I mean, my guests need to have an assortment of magazines for their reading pleasure when they visit my home. :)

A magazine rack isn't something I am necessarily going to go out and look for, but I have wanted one, so if I saw one for a good price, I would snatch it up. So, I have the "need" taken care of, and here's where the love part comes in. The fabric below is one that I have loved for a while. I think this fabric would make fabulous pillows or drapes. However, I do not need anymore throw pillows and all of my windows are already perfectly dressed. But I just looooooved the design of this fabric. You can purchase this fabric here.

So, one day while I was at the Old Luckett's store, I spotted this beauty. It's a tin magazine rack with my design on it, not to mention super cheap! I get excited about the little things. :) It was red, which some people really like, but it's not one of my favorite decorating colors. So, I gave her a shiny coat of spray paint.

Look how happy she is in my powder room......


  1. oh my gosh its so perfect!! have i mentioned lately how talented you are?!?!?! great eye

  2. love it! though I can promise I'll never need to read magazines in your bathroom :)

  3. I love it. So cute. My maiden name is Luckett, never been to the store though. That goes on my to do list. Love your blog.

  4. I love it and love the wallpaper. Can I ask where you found it? I have a lamp with a similar design which I love.

  5. I have spent the last 30 mins on your blog...Love it!!! You have a gorgeous home and such great projects!

    I'm your newest followers...can't wait to see what you show next!


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