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cheap lamp

I was browsing through Goodwill the other day. I just love finding fun, cheap home items that I can bring back to life. :) If you are need of a lamp or pair of lamps and don't want to spend alot, I highly recommend going to a thrift store. They usually always have those old brass lamps that only need a pretty high gloss spray paint job.

This lamp was only $3. The shades they come with aren't usually the greatest, but you can find a pretty inexpensive drum shade at target, HG, TJ Maxx, etc. I spray painted it with Rustoleums Granite Satine. The paint had the most beautiful finish. To add to this lamp, maybe add a fun mirror and maybe some yellow chevron pillows.....amazing.

Just look for a brass lamp with a great base shape. The best part is that you can pick the color!


  1. Love it! What a fabulous idea!

  2. you are a genius, I have tons of lamps I got from goodwill and it never occured to me to spray paint them. I need you to make my house prettier

  3. We are going on a thrifting date this morning to the Salvation Army in Leesburg! I had no idea it was there until I came across your blog on your mom's Facebook page.

    You are doing a fabulous job with this blog, it's so fun to read.


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