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a sweet reminder

I am a sentimental fool! My good friends know that about me. I have saved almost every note or letter I have received from family and friends. And we are talking notes saved since the 3rd grade. EVERY. NOTE. So, you can imagine how many bins and bins of cards I have. I have always been that way. I even have the teeny tiny little notes passed back and forth in math class with my high school BF. I still will go through my notes and am instantly taken back to that time and memory. I love it.
I try to take special things to me and incorporate them into my home. Take this brazilian nut for example! I went to Brazil last June for a missions trip and had a life changing experience. Then my husband had the oppurtunity to go a few weeks ago. He too was blown away by the experience and loved getting to spend time with the people there. He brought back this brazilian nut. He knows me too well. He knew it wouldn't just sit in a closet somewhere. I put it in my bathroom and filled it with my rings. No one would notice it or think it's pretty, but every morning when I go into my bathroom now, I remember that week and it reminds me to pray for the people there.
This past November, I went to Italy for my 30th birthday. I had one of the best weeks of my life with my mom, sisters, and dear friends. On my actual birthday, we ate here. It was amazing; a night I will never forget. We brought home some wine from the restaurant and I don't know if I can drink it! But, if we do decide to open it, I will save the bottle and NEVER throw it away! I will keep it forever. And I won't put it away. I will maybe put it in a powder room with some fresh flowers in it.
One of my favorite nights leading up to my wedding was when Brad and I went to Crate and Barrel to register. We had a blast. We were two kids running around the store with our "gun" and hitting every pretty object we saw. What a great night that was! For as long as I can remember, I will never forget that night. I remember we registered for these beautiful high ball glasses. I don't know why I did that because they don't go in the dish washer and it's embarrassing to say that I have never used them once! ( I was also only 21 when we registered and didn't realize how impractical those glasses would be) But, I still think they are pretty. So, I have one out and I keep my make up brushes in it.
So, whether it be a fabulous trip you took, the day you fell in love, or a great day with a friend, use those things and incorporate them into your home! That way you can always remember those sweet times.


  1. i love the way you used all these things! good job on the nut, brad

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