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shopping my house

I used to work at Pottery Barn and I remember I just HAD to have these espresso ledges with the espresso frames. This was years ago, and of course my style keeps changing. My husband does not like this, let me tell you! However, he is ok with my style changing as long as there is no buying new stuff constantly. :) I was really tired of these frames and shelves. I wanted something happy and eclectic and CHEAP! So, where did we go? Ikea of course! We took a family trip to Ikea. Fun times as brad and I are trying to look at shelves while our two monkeys for children were playing chase through the basement of the Ikea store.

We decided on these shelves and you simply cannot beat the price. $29 for a 6 foot shelf? Here is a picture before: BORING!

Here they are from another angle. Even Emmett is unimpressed.

So, Onto the new shelves! I needed accessories for my new clean space. I just "shopped my house." I actually think this is really fun, as opposed to go and buying all new accessories. I am totally on a glass bottle kick right now. I love the look of it and I think it's so pretty and eclectic. I have gotten these jars and bottles from all sorts of places.....thrift stores, flea markets, and antique stores.....all of course for just a couple dollars. The two little ones I did buy at West Elm. (I couldn't find small ones anywhere) Right now, West Elm is selling tons of glass bottles which is sort of ridiculous because you can find them for much cheaper. Also, I took wine bottles and sparkling cider bottles out of the recycling bin. I soaked them and then peeled the labels off. You can't get any cheaper than that, right? Here are the glass bottles in my bedroom, but I decided I needed them for my new shelves more.

The one thing I did buy new for shelves was this laquer owl I spotted at HomeGoods. It was just too cute.
I wanted the shelves to be filled with white, aqua, and lime green since those are my favorite colors. I got this Large mason jar at an antique store and then I went to Michales and bought a bag of sea glass. Oh, how I love sea glass! It is so beautiful. I filled up the jar and I was quite happy with the look.
closer look
Here are the bottles on the shelf
The completed look. I already had everything, and it was fun finding stuff for the new space! A whole new wall for only $60. Not bad.


  1. Super cute Katie. Good job with the update! Ps. I love these posts.

  2. So I actually put all of the West Elm bud vases, bottles, and votive holders on our registry! We'll have tons of bottles from the wedding, but the colors of the West Elm ones are way cooler! They sure don't sell beer/wine in affordable blue bottles like that!

  3. Katie,

    Will you come over and do my house?...SERIOUSLY!


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