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mix and match

This is my family room. I wanted it to feel happy and cheerful since this is where we basically spend all of our time. I wanted it to be contemporary, but also feel warm. I like mixing furniture. Anyone can go into a showroom or a furniture store and say, "I want this whole set." But really, where is the fun in that? Now, I do totally get it if you hate furniture and home decor shopping. You just want to be done with it. That's like me and cooking. I would much rather just order take out, but to someone who loves cooking, that is their "art." So, yes, I get it.

But, this is your home. This is where you spend your time. It is your sanctuary. Finding fun pieces with a story is just so great. I like mixing modern, antique, rustic, traditional, etc. My family room for example has a modern table and art print with very traditional couches. I also don't think you necessarilly have to match woods either. It depends on the room I suppose. Pillows also don't have to match. I have lots of different prints going on here, but I think it still works.

I purchased this piece at IKEA and my favorite thing about it was the price. :) But, I like that I can display my colorful dishes. It's also fantastic storage.

I have about 50 Mason jars of all colors, shapes, and sizes in my garage. I'm not kidding. I like to do different displays on my tables for dinner parties, etc. The Salvation Army in Leesburg (I mentioned them before) always has lots of mason jars and they are always only 50 cents, no matter the size. I pulled this out one out of the garage and filled it with $5 carnations I grabbed at the grocery store last night. The pop of pink made me smile, and when I bring home flowers and display them, my daughter says, "It is just so magical in here!" She is a girl after my own heart!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I really love how you store your dishes. I'm looking for something (what I like right now is unfortunately at Pottery Barn - $$$) to store my cookware in the living room right next to the dining room so I have easy access as well as perfect organization. Condos require extremely smart use of space, especially for someone who loves to cook. Any ideas of where to look for cabinets with glass doors that are around 18" deep in espresso? Gotta store my Le Creuset!

  2. Where oh where did you get your coffee table? It's so pretty.


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