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Homegoods People!

So this is typically how it happens.....I may fall in love with something that is too expensive and then sometime later I may see it somewhere else for cheaper. But it was reverse this time. :) I have made some purchases over the last few months at Homegoods, and then the other night while I was out, I saw the exact same items that were more than double the price. (I love when that happens) So, I took pics with my phone so you could see.

I purchased this green jewelry box at homegoods. It sits on my night stand and it's actually where I keep all of my receipts. Love this box. I especially liked the symbol on the front.....very Tory Burch-ish. The other day I was running errands and I had to stop into Tysons. I ran into West Elm and saw this box below. $79 for this bad boy. I paid $9.99 for mine. :) And I like mine better.

My mother of pearl purva frame purchased at homegoods for $7.99.

Again, saw it at West Elm for $24.99.

I made this purchase below the other day with lots of other little odds and ends. I'm decorating my friends entry way and I'll let her choose between a few different options. Anyway, I saw this pine cone with the white lacquer finish and I just really thought it was interesting. The pine cone is big right now. I know, strange right? I am seeing them everywhere! The pine cone is actually a symbol of eternal life and because of this, it's making its way into interior design. Ok, so loved this and bought it for $14.99.......

Then after I went into West Elm, I walked into Z Gallerie and saw this below......I am serious. It was $39.00. yeah baby. I love a good bargain.

Ok, and my last Homegoods purchase. I bought this table last month for $99. I needed a coffee table for the basement and didn't want to spend a ton. I love it.

So, the same night in Z Gallerie, I saw this table. I gasped. I know I am dramatic, but I did. I couldn't believe it! It was my identical table! And this table was $449!!
Are you looking for something from a catalog or favorite store? Let me know. I may be able to find it for you!


  1. Woo hoo!!!!! I love my Pine cone even more now! :)

  2. My grandfather's room had twin four post (no canopy) beds with pine cones on the end. My brother and I would get inbetween them, put our hands on the top of the pine cones and flip over and back again. (Mind you, that really hurt your palms! But we were crazy kids.) Thanks for reminding me! I so wish I had one of them now. My curtain rod in my guest room has pinecones on the ends. I've always loved them. I'll have to see what's out there because I still need to decorate my guest room. I loved the colors in your other post of the fabric. What an eye you have!

  3. How long ago did you purchase the jewelry box from Home Goods? I have been eyeing the West Elm version but have been looking around for a more economical option.


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