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fun cheap finds

I went to Homegoods last night to return a couple things. If you live in the area, the Homegoods in Ashburn has awesome stuff right now and the prices are amazing. I loved these turqoise lamps with a milky finish..... If I had a place for this piece, it would have come home with me. Perfect for an entry way and great storage!
Another great piece. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was a huge piece and $199? such a steal.

These mirrors are so beautiful and they actually sell very similar ones in the ballard design catalog. They are the same sizes too! These mirrors are $29 each. Check out the ones at Ballard here.

An adorable mirror for a child's room. $29
This chair is straight out of Anthropologie! It wouldn't go with my decor at all, but I do love it. At anthro, it would be well into the $800's or so. This one is $299. Great mirrored piece

A cool cork board for your closet. Just grab some thumb tacks and you have an instant jewelry holder. I have one of these in my closet actually and it's nice to have all of my necklaces and bracelets up where I can see them instead of scattered on my dresser like they used to be. :)

Faux wood lamp. LOVE. $29
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  1. did you get me a corkboard??? miss you!!

  2. Can you hold a shopping outing at Home Goods for your local followers? :) I do not find the good things like you do when I go there!!! If it wasn't sleeting I'd be going there right now looking for some of these cool things.


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