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I wish I shared my husbands love of football. The other night he was watching college football and I sat there for a while just to be with him, but then I got bored so I thought I would go into the living room and put away the rest of my Christmas stuff. (I know. I was a little late taking it down) Because of where the tree was, I had moved some things around. I was putting it all back and then I thought it would be fun to move some furniture around. Yeah, I do this alot. Here is what it looked like before: Here is what it looked like after I rearranged some furniture. The console table was from the basement. I moved a different mirror down. The tall sticks behind the couch were in my bedroom. (which by the way, the sticks are from ikea and really cheap. It's nice to have some height in a room, so you get some various dimensions.) The sticks look so much better in the living room. I think the room looks way bigger like this:

I thought this old wire holder with the glass bottles was so fun. Yes, I do have an obsession with glass bottles. I got them at lucketts (antique store) for $20. Not bad considering they will serve many purposes. Right now they are decoration, but I thought they would be perfect for brunches and/or showers. I could fill one with orange juice, one with milk, and one with maybe a cranberry juice. The colors would look so beautiful and it would be an interesting display as opposed to just pitchers.


  1. it looks great! come over and rearrange mine. I am dead serious, like what are you doing tomorrow serious. love you!

  2. i have been looking everywhere for the mirror in the first photo...sort of a starburst mirror...that exact one....but not for $300-$400. did find it somewhere for a deal???

  3. Katie,

    I love the color you painted on the walls in this room. I am moving into my new home this weekend and wanted to paint my room a similar color but I am afraid of picking the wrong blue. Would you mind letting me know the color and make of the paint you used. I get so frustrated with wall paint and always pick a color i end up not liking. I really love this room by the way. You have such a natural talent for interior design.
    Hope you and the family are well.

    Amy Montgomery Bartlett


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