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$8 Chippendale Chairs

I must say it has been a very long time that I have been wanting these chairs by Jonathan Adler. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the bamboo look. So, first I saw them on Jonathan Adler's website for a mere $550 per chair. Then I saw them at Ballard Designs here for $200 per chair which is alot less, but still that's alot. sigh.

I popped into the Salvation Army the other day and saw these dirty, old, ugly chairs. But, they are solid wood chairs with the most beautiful design. I purchased them for $8 per chair. Yeah, they were kinda gross, but nothing a little cleaning and some spray paint couldn't fix!

I wasn't sure which fabric I should choose. These are just more occasional seating chairs, so I needed a fabric that went well with my living room......mostly whites, chocolates, and blues. So, right after I bought the chairs, I found a Dwell Studio table cloth on clearance at Target for only $12. It was a large table cloth and enough fabric to cover 5 chairs! Here is the finished product!

Check out the detail of these chairs and then compare them to the ones at ballard. They are quite similar. Mine definitely aren't as cute, but for only 8 bucks, I am happy with the results!

a sweet reminder

I am a sentimental fool! My good friends know that about me. I have saved almost every note or letter I have received from family and friends. And we are talking notes saved since the 3rd grade. EVERY. NOTE. So, you can imagine how many bins and bins of cards I have. I have always been that way. I even have the teeny tiny little notes passed back and forth in math class with my high school BF. I still will go through my notes and am instantly taken back to that time and memory. I love it.
I try to take special things to me and incorporate them into my home. Take this brazilian nut for example! I went to Brazil last June for a missions trip and had a life changing experience. Then my husband had the oppurtunity to go a few weeks ago. He too was blown away by the experience and loved getting to spend time with the people there. He brought back this brazilian nut. He knows me too well. He knew it wouldn't just sit in a closet somewhere. I put it in my bathroom and filled it with my rings. No one would notice it or think it's pretty, but every morning when I go into my bathroom now, I remember that week and it reminds me to pray for the people there.
This past November, I went to Italy for my 30th birthday. I had one of the best weeks of my life with my mom, sisters, and dear friends. On my actual birthday, we ate here. It was amazing; a night I will never forget. We brought home some wine from the restaurant and I don't know if I can drink it! But, if we do decide to open it, I will save the bottle and NEVER throw it away! I will keep it forever. And I won't put it away. I will maybe put it in a powder room with some fresh flowers in it.
One of my favorite nights leading up to my wedding was when Brad and I went to Crate and Barrel to register. We had a blast. We were two kids running around the store with our "gun" and hitting every pretty object we saw. What a great night that was! For as long as I can remember, I will never forget that night. I remember we registered for these beautiful high ball glasses. I don't know why I did that because they don't go in the dish washer and it's embarrassing to say that I have never used them once! ( I was also only 21 when we registered and didn't realize how impractical those glasses would be) But, I still think they are pretty. So, I have one out and I keep my make up brushes in it.
So, whether it be a fabulous trip you took, the day you fell in love, or a great day with a friend, use those things and incorporate them into your home! That way you can always remember those sweet times.


mix and match

This is my family room. I wanted it to feel happy and cheerful since this is where we basically spend all of our time. I wanted it to be contemporary, but also feel warm. I like mixing furniture. Anyone can go into a showroom or a furniture store and say, "I want this whole set." But really, where is the fun in that? Now, I do totally get it if you hate furniture and home decor shopping. You just want to be done with it. That's like me and cooking. I would much rather just order take out, but to someone who loves cooking, that is their "art." So, yes, I get it.

But, this is your home. This is where you spend your time. It is your sanctuary. Finding fun pieces with a story is just so great. I like mixing modern, antique, rustic, traditional, etc. My family room for example has a modern table and art print with very traditional couches. I also don't think you necessarilly have to match woods either. It depends on the room I suppose. Pillows also don't have to match. I have lots of different prints going on here, but I think it still works.

I purchased this piece at IKEA and my favorite thing about it was the price. :) But, I like that I can display my colorful dishes. It's also fantastic storage.

I have about 50 Mason jars of all colors, shapes, and sizes in my garage. I'm not kidding. I like to do different displays on my tables for dinner parties, etc. The Salvation Army in Leesburg (I mentioned them before) always has lots of mason jars and they are always only 50 cents, no matter the size. I pulled this out one out of the garage and filled it with $5 carnations I grabbed at the grocery store last night. The pop of pink made me smile, and when I bring home flowers and display them, my daughter says, "It is just so magical in here!" She is a girl after my own heart!

Happy Weekend!


my favorite favorite

Oh how I love imperial trellis. There are lots of beautiful patterns out there, but this one is my favorite. But, of course, it is ridiculously expensive. The new imperial trellis design is by Kelly Werstler and to buy this fabric is about $80 or more a yard. yeah, WAY out of my price range.

I feel like most of the design blogs that I read are interior designers blogging to other interior designers. So, when they throw out terms like ikat, chevron, suzani print, lacquer....they assume that everyone knows what they are talking about. So, I'm sure most of you know what imperial trellis is, but if you do not, this is what it looks like. :)

I posted this pic before. It's Gwyneth Paltow's bathroom. I adore the black on black. Imperial trellis entry way. It's a bit busy for my taste, but still the trellis in green is gorgeous.

Love these chairs
Very creative here. These are 3 large pieces of canvas with fabric stretched over it for their wall art. beautiful!
I appreciate how they just did one dramatic wall here. I think the wallpaper would look amazing on the back wall of a bedroom.
Ok, so we know that the wallpaper and fabric is super expensive. Now, you feel like a project? The picture below was done by stencil. YES! It looks so amazing. What she did was she ordered just a sample of imperial trellis wallpaper. She traced it on a "make your own stencil" and then cut it with an exacto knife. It seems like a lot of work, but the results are amazing. Plus, you don't have the commitment of wallpaper. Maybe try it in a powder room?
If you don't have the time to figure out the make your own stencil, then there is one more alternative. I don't like it quite as much, but it's close. The pic below is a stencil sold on etsy and it's only $40! You can find it here.
Also, if you want to buy a throw pillow to add some glam to your living room, you can buy them on etsy. There are lots of different stores on etsy to get them, but one is here. Most of the trellis prints are a color on off white or cream. Keep that in mind if you have lots of white accents. Maybe order a swatch first? If you ever decide to stencil, send me pics afterwards!


fun cheap finds

I went to Homegoods last night to return a couple things. If you live in the area, the Homegoods in Ashburn has awesome stuff right now and the prices are amazing. I loved these turqoise lamps with a milky finish..... If I had a place for this piece, it would have come home with me. Perfect for an entry way and great storage!
Another great piece. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was a huge piece and $199? such a steal.

These mirrors are so beautiful and they actually sell very similar ones in the ballard design catalog. They are the same sizes too! These mirrors are $29 each. Check out the ones at Ballard here.

An adorable mirror for a child's room. $29
This chair is straight out of Anthropologie! It wouldn't go with my decor at all, but I do love it. At anthro, it would be well into the $800's or so. This one is $299. Great mirrored piece

A cool cork board for your closet. Just grab some thumb tacks and you have an instant jewelry holder. I have one of these in my closet actually and it's nice to have all of my necklaces and bracelets up where I can see them instead of scattered on my dresser like they used to be. :)

Faux wood lamp. LOVE. $29
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west elm loves

My home is basically complete. The only last thing on my list is this drum shade pendant from west elm. We still have the chandelier that came with the house, and it's definitely not my favorite.
Love these dishes! I love that they are a plain white with a really fun shape. White dishes are always nice to have because they go with anything, but they are so boring. These are by far my favorite white dishes that I have seen. Beautiful dessert plates.......
zebra rug......LOVE

Very fun throw pillow. It would be paired nicely with a solid navy or green 20 inch square pillow behind it.
Perfect chair for a bedroom or study.

I have admired this couch for a while. It's little so it would be perfect at the end of a bed or a little space in the kitchen. I especially love the ikat fabric.

Ikat curtains...........

I really like this new rug! Such a cool color and design.



If I see a fabric I like, I instantly picture what other decor would go along with it. I LOVE this fabric. I think it would be perfect for a sunroom. I would do charcoal grey walls and then I would use this fabric for curtain panels. I would do all white furniture with a sunburst mirror over the couch. Then I would find super fun and funky bright yellow throw pillows. The fabric is on sale at Calico Corners.
It's the Dahlia Aegaen print. I actually used the same fabric when I covered the thrift store chairs I found. It was just in the other color. I love it!


Homegoods People!

So this is typically how it happens.....I may fall in love with something that is too expensive and then sometime later I may see it somewhere else for cheaper. But it was reverse this time. :) I have made some purchases over the last few months at Homegoods, and then the other night while I was out, I saw the exact same items that were more than double the price. (I love when that happens) So, I took pics with my phone so you could see.

I purchased this green jewelry box at homegoods. It sits on my night stand and it's actually where I keep all of my receipts. Love this box. I especially liked the symbol on the front.....very Tory Burch-ish. The other day I was running errands and I had to stop into Tysons. I ran into West Elm and saw this box below. $79 for this bad boy. I paid $9.99 for mine. :) And I like mine better.

My mother of pearl purva frame purchased at homegoods for $7.99.

Again, saw it at West Elm for $24.99.

I made this purchase below the other day with lots of other little odds and ends. I'm decorating my friends entry way and I'll let her choose between a few different options. Anyway, I saw this pine cone with the white lacquer finish and I just really thought it was interesting. The pine cone is big right now. I know, strange right? I am seeing them everywhere! The pine cone is actually a symbol of eternal life and because of this, it's making its way into interior design. Ok, so loved this and bought it for $14.99.......

Then after I went into West Elm, I walked into Z Gallerie and saw this below......I am serious. It was $39.00. yeah baby. I love a good bargain.

Ok, and my last Homegoods purchase. I bought this table last month for $99. I needed a coffee table for the basement and didn't want to spend a ton. I love it.

So, the same night in Z Gallerie, I saw this table. I gasped. I know I am dramatic, but I did. I couldn't believe it! It was my identical table! And this table was $449!!
Are you looking for something from a catalog or favorite store? Let me know. I may be able to find it for you!
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