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Salvation Army Find

So, if you live in Northern Virginia and need some fun new things for your home, GO GO GO to the Salvation Army in Leesburg off of Route 7. It's right by the Honda dealership. I have found the greatest things there! They always have beautiful vintage glasses and old mason jars that you can put anything in! I seriously love this particular Salvation Army.

Luckily, it's right by my parent's house, so if they are babysitting for the afternoon, I will try to swing by and see what new things they have. They have great "diamonds in the rough," which is basically nasty furniture seen with the naked eye, but I can usually envision some paint and fabric that can make it pretty. I found a set of white chairs the other day for $4 each!! They were pretty gross and needed a deep clean desperately. The seat of the chair was disgusting and a vinal seat cushion. ugggghhhh. But for $8 for 2 chairs, I threw them both into the back of my car. I came home and went to work. Here they are before:

BEFORE: you can't really see the stains and such. gross.

Look at that cushion! awful.

I cleaned both chairs really well. I then went to Calico Corners in Fairfax and picked this fabric. Calico Corners is pricey and typically around $25 a yard, but I have liked this fabric for some time and since the chairs were so cheap, I bought a nicer fabric. 1 yard of fabric will cover 3 chairs.

I could have also re-painted the chair a fun color, but I do love white. So, I just decided to keep it that color.

The other seat cushion
I am going to leave these chairs in the basement for when I need extra seating. We entertain all the time and when it's really large groups, I end up borrowing folding chairs. I am going to try and collect some good will or salvation army chairs and clean them up, so that I can have extra seating for showers, birthday parties, etc.
I think these would be perfect for an entry way with a little round table in between? $8 you cannot beat!
All you need is a staple gun. Staple each side only once and the fold it like you are wrapping a present. Then staple all the way around. so easy and I have fun in the process. :)


  1. you are amazing!!! let me know when youre ready to be signed on as my personal decorator

  2. Katie! SO cute!!!! I'm very impressed! You've inspired me to hit up the Salvation Army this week. I imagine a lot of people are getting rid of "old" things at the end of the year to begin a new year. Yahoo for us!!! Happy New Year!

  3. Just came across this blog by chance! I actually live right by this Salvation Army and can't wait to go take a look!


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