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a couples shower

My brother and adorable sister in law are about to be parents in just a couple of weeks! About a month ago, Brad and I threw them a couple's shower with all of their JMU friends. SO freaking fun. I was wishing I had a couples shower too! David and Meg are mexican lovers so we made fajitas, chips and salsa, margaritas, guacamole...... all the works! Everyone knows that Rio Grande has the best tortillas, so I went over there and got tortillas and then stopped at On the Border and got chips and salsa. (OTB has davids fav chips and salsa) Here is the happy couple! I had every intention of doing this as the place cards, but I could just not get my act together. I bought all of the apples and metallic gold spray paint. I made a slit in the apple and put the name card in. I just couldn't finish them since I didn't allow myself the time. Oh well. Next shower maybe! It was funny cause we were having mexican food which is casual, but I wanted it to be elegant at the same time, so I mixed the two. Anyway, a big bag of little apples and metallic gold spray paint is a cheap cute place card.

The girls table set!

Drinks on the buffet
David enjoying some chips and salsa

The boys table set!

Megen's friend Katrina made the favors. Little mason jars with burlap and yarn. The jars were filled with candy corn. So festive and adorable.

Meg and David are so blessed to have such great friends. David lived with all of these guys at JMU and meg lived with the girls. They all did everything together in college and then most of them married eachother. Can you say perfect? I was telling brad that night that this group of friends are incredibly blessed. They have reunions with eachother from time to time and what a perfect time to come together to celebrate Will Minter!! Can't wait to meet the little guy!Me and the cute mama!

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