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flameless candles

I heard about these battery operated candles a couple years ago and I thought it sounded kinda lame. Why would you want fake candles when you could have real ones? But now, I am totally obsessed with them. First of all, looking at the candle from the outside, you would never know it is not real. They are made with real wax, have a flickering light that looks EXACTLY how a candle looks, and some of them are scented. With having kids, I LOVE these candles!

My mom just saw them at costco the other day and bought them for as a little gift. I love when she does that! (mom: hint hint) They came in a pack of 4 with the batteries included and they have the most amazing vanilla scent. I only light my candles when I have company over. Even though I absolutely love the look of candle light, I am not going to light candles when it's just a typical evening at home eating dinner with the fam. First of all, I would have to rummage through my junk drawer to find my lighter or matches. (Not that that is a big deal, but with my little monkies running through the house, I'm not gonna go looking for my lighter) With the flameless candles, it is a flick of a switch and there is a timer too if you needed that! I know. It's the little things in life that excite me. My favorite part. I love my candles in my vases and lanterns, but I never light them when they are inside something because I don't want the wax to get over everything. These are perfect for that problem. Also, I have sconces up on the wall that are close to my curtains and actually, one time I blew out the candle and some wax dripped on my sofa. So, I am loving these new candles. The inside looks real besides the fact that there is no flame. :)

You can find these lots of places. They have them in every color, shape, and size. Votives and tea lights too! They have them at walmart, restoration hardware, but my favorite were from here.
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