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Add a Morrocan Flair

Over the past few years, I have noticed more and more morrocan inspired pieces making its way into design. I have seen it everywhere. I am really loving this because a few pieces here and there gives your home a whole new feel.

I really love this morrocan arch rug from West Elm. It was last years and they don't make it anymore, so shame on me for putting it here, but I absolutely love it and wished that I had bought it when I had the chance!This room absolutely amazes me! The walls are stencils!! I am actually thinking of doing this in our dining room. It would be alot of work, but I have stripes right now and I am kinda tired of them. You can buy these exact stencils here, but they are crazy expensive. I WILL find a cheaper way to do it, and when I do, I will let you know. I'm thinking a kelly green against white would be cool! I have added some morrocan pieces to my own home. I just purchased this fabric below and I am going to make curtains. It's gonna go in the kids play room. I have lime green accents everywhere, so I thought the blue, white, and green morrocan arches would be a nice touch! I'll post pics when I am done. :) I purchased these glass tiles when I was in Nashville last summer for $3 a piece! If you are ever in Nashville for any reason, go to the Southeastern Salvage. They have amazing stuff for cheap.

Target now has a whole bunch of morrocan things. I just got this cute frame for a few bucks for my living room.
Morrocan serving platter. $5 at Homegoods.
Add a flair to your home!
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