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Let me introduce you to Amy Butler

If only Amy Butler knew me......we would be friends. :) She is amazing and she is always coming out with new fabrics. I love her patterns. If only I could sew!! My sister in law and I are thinking of taking a sewing class together. That should be fun!

Here are a couple of her hundreds of different patterns. So, if you go to her website, her stuff is crazy expensive. But, you can find her fabric on! Its about $8 a yard.

These are amy butler's new bags. I think they are so funky and fun. They are the perfect bags for a summer afternoon. But, they are $200. So....this would be a pain, but if you go to craigs list under jobs, you can find women that make amazing purses or bags and you just have to provide them the fabric. It's a thought. Aren't these cool?

Oh, and now on Etsy, people are buying amy butler fabric and then making pillow covers for super cheap! These were $26 for a set of 2!!
I love this 70's looking fabric. Cute in a little girls room....
LOVE THIS. Each letter with a different amy butler fabric. $28 for this pillow! Also lovin this one. $18 for this 14 x 14 pillow. She makes towels too. These are very anthropologie looking to me and you can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $8.99, AND you can use your 20% off coupon!

In a earlier post here, I mentioned how to do cheap drapes. You can pick a fabric, buy it for 8 bucks a yard, then take it to the dry cleaner for a nice hem job. Its perfect for nursery or play room! These patterns have such personality! Oh, and the woman now does wallpaper. Honestly, it just keeps getting better!

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  1. I LOVE those towels. Can you come over and fix up my house please??


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