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Fun prints for kids rooms

I have a really cheap way to decorate kids rooms with some fun prints. There are some things that I will go ahead and pay the money for....such as bedding. For some reason, that is one thing that I will splurge on. But there are other ways that you can cut corners. For example, you will pay BIG money for art, especially modern art. If you go to any of the mod baby websites, they have all of the adorable Dwell art prints that I love, but I think are expensive. I mean, if you have the money for it, then go for it! But, if you want to save some pennies, there are some cheaper options! Its called ETSY!!!!

These pictures are from my daughter's room. So, these particular prints are not from Etsy. I got them at a antique store in Lucketts, Virginia. It's actually card stock wrapping paper, but you would never know!! For a large piece of the paper, I paid $4. I came home, cut it and put it in these espresso pottery barn frames. And acually, the frames were cheap too. I lucked out at the PB outlet. I wouldn't recommend buying them since the ones at Ikea look EXACTLY like the PB ones and they are more than half the price. These prints are in my son's room. You can have them personalized for your child's name AND you can pick the color. Each print was $10 and they were a gift from my sister in law. (also found on Etsy) I found super cheap frames on sale from Michaels that were an awful color. (which is why they were on sale) I came home and spray painted them. Make sure you buy a frame with a mat. It looks much more expensive.

I found this print at Etsy. How freaking adorable is this??? If my kids rooms weren't completely accessorized, I would have bought this print. And the best part is, it's only $25!! That is cheap considering it is personalized. This you can purchase here.

I thought this was cute for a play room.
Very mod and cute. I love the color combo! Lime green and pink? So adorable!

All of these prints were found on Etsy. The possibilities are endless. Just type in kids art prints and you will have tons and tons of options. Also, the best place to buy frames is at Ikea. Look here. An 8x10 frame with a mat is $9.99. You can buy them in black, espresso, or white.


  1. I love the first and last pics! I actually showed both of them to Brent the other day as possibilities for Baby Boy's room (along with a really cute coordinating "numbers" print by the same seller). So adorable!

    Love the new blog!

  2. love etsy, you can get into some serious trouble on that website


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