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A cute idea for baby's room

I was browsing through my Beautiful Homes magazine and I fell in love with these. They are the most adorable plates and you can pick any monogram you want, color, font, etc. Oh how I love these plates! They are supposed to be salad plates I believe, but then I thought how cute they would be in a little one's room!

So many of my friends are pregant right now and I thought this would be a fun idea. So, once you have picked your colors and bedding for the nursery, here is what I am envisioning: maybe over the crib or changing table, you can pick 3 different plates (different but with all coordinating colors) The first plate can be his/her first name, the second plate middle name, and the third plate last name. OR since they are only 10 inch plates, they may look too small over the crib, so you could find another space in the nursery where you could hang them vertically. OR you could just do one plate (maybe over the light switch right when you walk in) with his/her monogram.

You can buy plate hangers at any craft store for a couple of bucks. I think this a modern and fresh new look for your baby's room! Everyone has art, but this is unique.

They are $22 a plate. Not bad. Here are a couple of my fave's. I love the greek key design and of course the zebra print is always a hit. But if you are doing a girl's room, I love the pink polka dot plates with the curlz font. so cute!

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