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brocade home look alike

Does anyone else like brocade home as much as I do? I have loved this table for a while now. I needed a little end table for the side of my couch. I knew I wanted round and white, but then when I saw this table, I thought the base gave the table so much character. It's elegant and flirty. I just love it. I've looked at the website here and there to see if it would go on sale. It's $250 plus surcharge fee plus shipping, so well into the 300's. Our family went out to dinner the other night and I had something that I needed to return to Homegoods. We all ran in together and there was my table. $80 dollars. Thank you very much. It's not exactly the same but pretty darn close. Anyway, if you like it, all of the homegoods carry alot of the same stuff.

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  1. Those tables look EXACTLY the same...awesome find, Katie!


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