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brocade home look alike

Does anyone else like brocade home as much as I do? I have loved this table for a while now. I needed a little end table for the side of my couch. I knew I wanted round and white, but then when I saw this table, I thought the base gave the table so much character. It's elegant and flirty. I just love it. I've looked at the website here and there to see if it would go on sale. It's $250 plus surcharge fee plus shipping, so well into the 300's. Our family went out to dinner the other night and I had something that I needed to return to Homegoods. We all ran in together and there was my table. $80 dollars. Thank you very much. It's not exactly the same but pretty darn close. Anyway, if you like it, all of the homegoods carry alot of the same stuff.


Let me introduce you to Amy Butler

If only Amy Butler knew me......we would be friends. :) She is amazing and she is always coming out with new fabrics. I love her patterns. If only I could sew!! My sister in law and I are thinking of taking a sewing class together. That should be fun!

Here are a couple of her hundreds of different patterns. So, if you go to her website, her stuff is crazy expensive. But, you can find her fabric on! Its about $8 a yard.

These are amy butler's new bags. I think they are so funky and fun. They are the perfect bags for a summer afternoon. But, they are $200. So....this would be a pain, but if you go to craigs list under jobs, you can find women that make amazing purses or bags and you just have to provide them the fabric. It's a thought. Aren't these cool?

Oh, and now on Etsy, people are buying amy butler fabric and then making pillow covers for super cheap! These were $26 for a set of 2!!
I love this 70's looking fabric. Cute in a little girls room....
LOVE THIS. Each letter with a different amy butler fabric. $28 for this pillow! Also lovin this one. $18 for this 14 x 14 pillow. She makes towels too. These are very anthropologie looking to me and you can get them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $8.99, AND you can use your 20% off coupon!

In a earlier post here, I mentioned how to do cheap drapes. You can pick a fabric, buy it for 8 bucks a yard, then take it to the dry cleaner for a nice hem job. Its perfect for nursery or play room! These patterns have such personality! Oh, and the woman now does wallpaper. Honestly, it just keeps getting better!


A cute idea for baby's room

I was browsing through my Beautiful Homes magazine and I fell in love with these. They are the most adorable plates and you can pick any monogram you want, color, font, etc. Oh how I love these plates! They are supposed to be salad plates I believe, but then I thought how cute they would be in a little one's room!

So many of my friends are pregant right now and I thought this would be a fun idea. So, once you have picked your colors and bedding for the nursery, here is what I am envisioning: maybe over the crib or changing table, you can pick 3 different plates (different but with all coordinating colors) The first plate can be his/her first name, the second plate middle name, and the third plate last name. OR since they are only 10 inch plates, they may look too small over the crib, so you could find another space in the nursery where you could hang them vertically. OR you could just do one plate (maybe over the light switch right when you walk in) with his/her monogram.

You can buy plate hangers at any craft store for a couple of bucks. I think this a modern and fresh new look for your baby's room! Everyone has art, but this is unique.

They are $22 a plate. Not bad. Here are a couple of my fave's. I love the greek key design and of course the zebra print is always a hit. But if you are doing a girl's room, I love the pink polka dot plates with the curlz font. so cute!


Get it for less

I am constantly hearing people tell me that they don't even know where to start when it comes to decorating their house. They don't know what colors would look good, or they don't know how to put things together. So, here are some things that I have heard interior decorators say to help get you started.

First, ask yourself what stores you like. West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, Arhaus, Crate and Barrel, Ethan Allen? Ok, these are just to name a few to get you started. When you feel like you have an idea of what you like, look on their websites and catalogs. Pick out some things that you really love. If its big items such as couches and such, you probably won't find the exact same thing for 1/2 the price somewhere else. BUT....if it is accessories, I can almost promise that you can. Remember I said almost. :) (And as far as paint colors go, most magazines will tell you at the bottom the name of the paint they used for each room.)

I have a million examples of this kind of thing in my own home. A long while back, I saw these cute pink zebra print sheets for my daughter's room from Pottery Barn teen. They were $49 for the whole set. Then later I saw the same sheets at home goods for $19.99. And the great thing is, the sheets from homegoods were 300 thread count, whereas the ones from PB teen were 200 thread count. not that that really matters, but you were paying more for lower thread count! And in my other post, I said I would pay the money for bedding, I actually meant my bedding. Sorry Mar. :)

Here are the sheets from PB:

The sheets from HG. Yes, they are the same color......exactly.
This devon mirror is from Z Gallerie. It's $169 plus a fee of $15 plus shipping costs. It would put you well over $200. It's pretty, right?

I found mine at HG for $50. Oh, and because I am a nerd, I even measured my mirror to see if it were the same measurements. They were.
The completed look!
I love this chair from Pottery Barn. It's the PB basic armchair. I don't typically care for the skirts on furniture, but there was something about this chair that was warm. This chair is over $1,000 with the surcharge fee and shipping.

This is my chair. We have had it for 6 years now, and I love it more than ever. Oh, and did I mention that it was $249 at Ikea? It's the same white canvas like PB's and this chair's dimensions are actually bigger. People always ask if I got this chair at PB and I hate to let out my little secret. But here goes: It's the ektorp chair. And if something happens to the chair.....spills, children, dogs, whatever......their slipcovers for the entire chair are $29 each. yes, it's true. Oh...and one last thing!! They now make this chair with down cushions so it's even more comfortable than mine. sigh. This is Gwyneth Paltrow's bathroom. Beautiful. I especially love the mirror. But, something tells me she didn't run down to her local TJ Maxx and buy a bargain mirror.
Here is a mirror that I have that sort of resembles it and I paid less than $60.
And just one last note: I have accumulate these things over the years, so it takes a while to get your house just how you want it!


Fun prints for kids rooms

I have a really cheap way to decorate kids rooms with some fun prints. There are some things that I will go ahead and pay the money for....such as bedding. For some reason, that is one thing that I will splurge on. But there are other ways that you can cut corners. For example, you will pay BIG money for art, especially modern art. If you go to any of the mod baby websites, they have all of the adorable Dwell art prints that I love, but I think are expensive. I mean, if you have the money for it, then go for it! But, if you want to save some pennies, there are some cheaper options! Its called ETSY!!!!

These pictures are from my daughter's room. So, these particular prints are not from Etsy. I got them at a antique store in Lucketts, Virginia. It's actually card stock wrapping paper, but you would never know!! For a large piece of the paper, I paid $4. I came home, cut it and put it in these espresso pottery barn frames. And acually, the frames were cheap too. I lucked out at the PB outlet. I wouldn't recommend buying them since the ones at Ikea look EXACTLY like the PB ones and they are more than half the price. These prints are in my son's room. You can have them personalized for your child's name AND you can pick the color. Each print was $10 and they were a gift from my sister in law. (also found on Etsy) I found super cheap frames on sale from Michaels that were an awful color. (which is why they were on sale) I came home and spray painted them. Make sure you buy a frame with a mat. It looks much more expensive.

I found this print at Etsy. How freaking adorable is this??? If my kids rooms weren't completely accessorized, I would have bought this print. And the best part is, it's only $25!! That is cheap considering it is personalized. This you can purchase here.

I thought this was cute for a play room.
Very mod and cute. I love the color combo! Lime green and pink? So adorable!

All of these prints were found on Etsy. The possibilities are endless. Just type in kids art prints and you will have tons and tons of options. Also, the best place to buy frames is at Ikea. Look here. An 8x10 frame with a mat is $9.99. You can buy them in black, espresso, or white.


Purva Frames

A few months ago, my friend Lauren and I were browsing one of my favorite stores, South Moon Under. I seriously LOVE this store. So, a frame caught my eye and I was in line to buy it. It was $38. The longer I waited in line, the more I thought that that was kinda pricey for a just a 4 x 6 frame, and then Lauren talked me out of it. It was just SOOO pretty. It was made out of shells. It was beachy, yet modern and I just liked it. Anyway, we left the store and I forgot all about the frame. Then about 2 weeks later, I stopped in TJ MAXX with Maryn. Then I heard the hallelujah chorus. I saw frame. THE. EXACT. ONE. We are talking same size, same brand, everything!! Guess how much it was? $7!! Yep, that's right. I came home and told brad that the Lord was blessing me for being a good steward of my money. Yeah, he gave me a big eye roll for that one. Anyway, here is the frame......
So, if you are ever at Homegoods or TJ MAXX, the brand is Purva. They are hand crafted frames made in India and I have seen them at all the really hot stores including Anthropologie, South Moon Under, and a few smaller boutiques. Here is another one that I just found the other day at Marshalls. I really love this one. Found this one for $5 at Homegoods when I was in Atlanta. You know I love a good zebra print.
So, both of these frames are Purva and they are the same frame with just a different color. The one on the left was my very first Purva purchase. I saw it at Anthropologie on sale for $15. It was originally $34, so I thought I was getting a steal for $15. Anyway, the day I found my other shell Purva one, I saw this other one too.....the blue on the right. And I was bummed when I saw the price since I had paid more for the other one. Oh well.
Here is the back of both Purva frames. $34 as opposed to $7! Anyway, if you have time, run into homegoods, marshalls, or TJ MAXX. I see purva frames there all the time and these are BIG. They are beautifully handcrafted.
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